Developing A Women Health Tracking Application

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Developing A Women Health Tracking Application

Posted By Aishley Smith     September 30, 2022    


The mHealth applications market has developed into a vivid ecosystem. With mobile health technology becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare industry, market prospects for mHealth solutions are tremendous. For the longest time, fitness tracking, diet and nutrition, disease management, and lifestyle management apps dominated the mHealth market, whereas the market for women health tracking apps remained relatively small. However now, FemTech is one of the most popular fields of mHealth applications that specifically deals with products, services and software technologies based on women’s health. Among all the healthcare app development companies, only the best should be chosen by a business to do healthcare app development for them.


What is Femtech?

Femtech or female technology refers to software, diagnostics, products, and services that leverage the power of technology to improve women’s health. The popular mHealth apps category is in many ways defining the role of mobile apps in women empowerment. Femtech implies using digital technology to enable patients to access applications and use them to address women’s health concerns. The term Femtech was coined by the CEO of Clue. Clue is a widely used period-tracking application. Femtech refers to any technology that is intended to improve women’s lives.


How to Develop a Women Health Tracking App?

The major challenge that comes with developing a women health tracker app is the availability of various solutions. As we discussed in the previous sections, there are plenty of health tracking applications, catering to several women health needs, therefore carrying different feature sets. So, instead of discussing how to develop a specific women health tracking app, let’s review all critical stages required for women health tracking app development in general.


Step 1: Study the competition To create something unique and engaging, you need to do a comparative study of all your competitors in the market. Study the female health tracking apps that have already succeeded in the market. Learn from the wins and mistakes of your competitors.

Step 2: Features To Include In Women Health Tracking Apps Development and functionality go hand in hand to make an application more beneficial for customers. Features in women health tracking apps should be the main concern, but the app should also render a splendid user journey.

Step 3: Define How To Make Money From Your Women’s Health Tracking App? The growth and benefit of women’s health tracking applications, as we have seen throughout the article, is a sign of how profitable the category is set to be in the coming time. But in order to truly join the revenue benefits, you should know the many ways to earn money through a women’s health tracking app.

Step 4: Consider Challenges in Developing Women Health Tracking Apps While it may seem like you know everything that there is about building your own mobile healthcare solution, there are certain challenges that could arise in women health tracking app development, so it is important to consider them.

Step 5: Test and Fix Bugs While it may sound too obvious, health apps for women should be tested by women, ideally in the context of real-life situations

Step 6: Release and Maintain Let’s say you have built a period tracker app and thoroughly tested it. So now it’s time to submit the app to Google Play and App Store. If you want this process to go smoothly, then allocate at least a week for the app submission process. The app submission can be a bit intimidating, so it’s advisable to consult a qualified health app development team.


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