I usually pop showtime onto cd since its a damage and pp increase
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I usually pop showtime onto cd since its a damage and pp increase

Posted By Nanlina chen     July 22, 2020    


But more than anything I'm bothered by stuff like the"gods be operative," line where the voice properly states,"godspeed operative," nevertheless the text states something different...probably!" These are. Meaning they interpreted the same lines twice and both times obtained different results, then no one proof-read or checked anything before pushing it all out. It is a complete lack of pso2 sales testing, it's something a QA team ought to have captured if they did the most elementary quantity of work.

PSO2 NA Hell XQ & Solo Heaven

What should you keep on your sub palette? And what can you keep in your weapon palette? I thought grim barrage wasn't useful on the weapon palette but it seems like a great move to use in between strikes. On my weapon palette I've Satellite Aim, Assault Advance, True Equilibrium, Gunslinger Spin and Aerial Fire. Grim barrage is how we get around a lot of the days and helps on Magatsu and Luther for to the head quickly without having to utilize our jumps. It may be used as a chain finisher. Grim Barrage True Equilibrium is a great substitute for Chronolapse if you cannot hit it are too far off.

I usually pop showtime onto cd since its a damage and pp increase, crit field on boss battles is the exact same, popping on cd, in solo XQ such as this I dont pop crit area since I want to save it for some ground and dont want to wait between every haha, and from what I've read and spoke to some jp players, fight rn is fine, hunter is more consistent harm tho im not entirely sure because we dont habe crit rate rings for classes, but hunter has more survivability at the moment so that helps. I know for certain fighter becomes the"better" sub at 85 because of the improved sroll. I say better because if played well it does more harm but some folks still go for hunter sub since its easier to perform and more consistent damage.

I've been attempting gunner but I started with bouncer and though it's pretty enjoyable and simple to work with even in supreme quests, gunner seems way more entertaining and it seems like it has some crazy harm. My only thing is how the heck am I supposed to remain in enemies faces to perform more efficient harm? Bouncer has lol. The whole animation of Sroll is iframes in addition to Chronolapse with iframes through the move except between the first part and second area in which youre invulnerable. Gunslinger spin additionally has iframes throughout the cartoon but its not used for bossing and bossing.

I didn't know that. thanks. Side question, how do you try and time for a perfect attack from an s-roll? Or do you just go into a PA/attack? And sorry gunslinger twist is good for add then right? Yeah gunslinger is only great for adds, and out of s roll there isnt really a time, you hit a great attack the moment you are able to do an assault. Something is that using a passive on the skill tree, you ideally want to PA after an sroll if you can because you get damage. I didnt do it buy meseta pso2 occasionally in the video because im also pretty new to gunner and pso2 generally but missing out on the 10% damage is enormous.