8 Ways to ensure Your eCommerce Site is Delivering the Right Digital Experience

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8 Ways to ensure Your eCommerce Site is Delivering the Right Digital Experience

Posted By Quickway Infosystems     October 4, 2022    


The virtual shopping experience has gone through major transformations over the past

decade, shifting from an experience that was largely dominated by desktop PCs and laptops to one where smartphones and tablets are the new norm. Today, more than 60% of all eCommerce site traffic comes from mobile devices, which means marketers and site owners need to rethink their strategies to ensure that their websites are optimized for those end users. As such, we’ve put together eight ways you can ensure your eCommerce site is delivering the right application maintenance and support for your customers.


1) Use Optimized Visual Appeal

Optimized visual appeal can help increase conversions. Shoppers spend 80% of their online time on visuals such as images, videos, and graphics. You can use visual elements strategically across your site or combine them to create one amazing experience.


2) Allow Easy Navigation

Your customers want convenience, so give it to them by making your site easy to navigate. A better user experience will encourage more people come back and also persuade them to share their experience with others. As an added bonus, this will lead to higher conversion rates.


3) Offer an Easy Return Policy

Offering an easy return policy should be a standard practice on all ecommerce sites. Not only does it provide customers with a sense of security, but it can also help increase conversion rates. Allow returns without a receipt and make the process as simple as possible for customers.


4) Provide Live Chat Support

Live chat can be one of the most effective customer service and sales channels available. With live chat, people are able to get their questions answered quickly and buy items without waiting on hold or navigating a complicated website. However, if you're only making that information available in real-time, your customers will be less satisfied because they will still have questions unanswered or problems unresolved by the time they speak with you.


5) Give Access to Help Guides and FAQs

The best way for new customers to experience your brand is with information that helps them understand what your company does and why they should become a customer. This means having helpful articles, FAQs, and help guides available for your site visitors. Even though you may offer this information in person or over the phone, some potential customers might need more direction before they are ready to make a purchase.


6) Offer Value With BOGO Promotions

A BOGO promotion can be a simple way to increase your online sales. By using promotions such as BOGO, you can entice customers and offer new incentives for them to buy! Just be careful not to overuse these or they'll lose their potency. Instead, use it strategically by making sure that it aligns with your business goals. Make It Personal: One of the most successful marketing strategies in 2019 is personalization. With all of our data available on the internet, businesses are better able to target specific groups with tailored messages that they're more likely to respond to.


7) Proofread Product Descriptions and Reviews

It’s important to proofread your product descriptions and reviews as much as possible. Here are some steps you can take to ensure everything looks good:

- Go over your descriptions for typos, missing words, or improper punctuation. Typos make customers believe that the product may not be high quality. 

- Verify that your product dimensions are accurate and spelled correctly. Customers will have problems purchasing from you if they don't know what size or color items are available for purchase.


8) Embrace Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to show customers that you care about them. In fact, having one has been shown to increase customer loyalty by up to 54%. In order for a program like this to work, it needs a few things



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