How to choose Management of digital assets

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How to choose Management of digital assets

Posted By Hugo Tips     October 5, 2022    


Digital assets are information and files that are managed and stored to be controlled, reused, and shared due to their higher value than other data or files. Digital asset can be in any format, such as text, images, video, audio, 3D or VR environments, various documents (spreadsheets, presentations, projects, PDFs, etc.), structured data, or unstructured stored in databases or can be written.


The semantic value of digital assets can be significantly improved by enriching them with more classification factors, such as metadata. The more metadata assigned to a resource, the easier it is to categorize and filter, and the higher value (both semantically and economically) it assumes. The Guide to Digital Asset Management is essential for increasing business.


Digital procurement solutions


A digital resource management solution is a multimedia information system designed and implemented for a specific purpose. The most popular and popular solutions for digital asset management are:

  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Digital e-commerce platform




All these solutions are nothing more than multimedia or hypermedia information systems. That is, an organized archive of data and information of a heterogeneous nature on a specific topic or topic scanned by certified satellite systems or actively disseminated based on databases.


Digital resource management


There is an increasing need for centralized control and management in today's complex and well-defined contexts, where information is shared, multilingual, and multimedia.


Especially for companies with a large Internet presence or critical information assets, a multimedia information system can bring together databases for a single aggregator, writers, translators, and agencies into a single entity. It is a perfect tool to make available through its interface and user.



Digital resource distribution


Although it is an information system that can be referenced in real-time from websites and applications, it is an information system with a series of actions, such as distributing content and automatically creating documents.Thanks to the standard API interface, authorized external systems can browse the database and retrieve all the necessary information according to their needs and time.



The Advantages


  • Content optimization by type of media
  • Customization of content by target
  • Differentiated access by type of user
  • Compliance, control, and release of content
  • Control and release of contents
  • Streamlining and streamlining of procedures
  • Automatic content generation
  • Integration with other information systems
  • Automatic distribution of content


If you want to increase your business or start a new business, today, it is impossible to do without online communication. Digital marketing is based on the production of advertising on the web. This means that there are several possibilities for brands and companies to spread their commercial offer with top marketing and seo blogs.


Digital Asset Management Blogs can significantly contribute to giving value to the company website and disseminating content that arouses users' interest, supporting the site's SEO positioning. Blog marketing brings many results, but in the medium to long term. The primary benefit is the increase in the company's prestige and the brand's appreciation by current and potential customers. In the long run, a good blog can increase a company's turnover considerably, provided it is maintained over time and is of high quality.