Step-By-Step Guide for Creating NFT
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    • Last updated October 6, 2022
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Step-By-Step Guide for Creating NFT

Posted By Witlingo online     October 6, 2022    


NFTs are popular terms these days since it has taken over the Internet. Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are popular investment tools. Simply, NFTs are used to represent an entity like a photograph, video, voice audio, and more. It is like a certificate of ownership of a digital entity. Owning a voice NFT means that a person holds all the rights to that specific audio file. It is valuable because the specific digital print of that audio created or bought holds some value. Here is everything about NFT creation.

Steps for creating NFT

Creating an NFT token is called minting of NFT. Many musicians and individual artists find NFTs a useful investing tool. They are the perfect way to create profits for musicians, artists, and more. Therefore, NFTs are one the most intriguing topics these days. Here is the step-by-step guide for creating NFTs.

Step-1 Create the original art piece

NFTs are not easy to create. However, they can be easily created if the steps are followed properly. The first step of how do I create an audio NFT process begins with creating an original piece of art. It can be any form of art starting from an audio file, video file, 3D animations, gifs, and images. Once the original art piece is created, it can be paired with various media such as animations and images.

Step-2 Get an Ethereum wallet

The next step for creating the NFT includes the use of the Ethereum wallet. It can be easily linked with the Opensea platform. Such Ethereum wallets that can be easily linked with the Opensea platform are called Metamask. Therefore, it can be accessed directly from the Opensea platform. One just has to download a special Metamask Google Chrome extension and create the account. Moreover, it is important to remember that one needs to have funds in the Ethereum wallet.

Step -3 Open an Opensea Account

The third step of creating the NFTs is to open an Opensea account. The artists need to open an Opensea account to form a collection for the NFTs. Think of the collection as a folder in which the NFTs can be easily placed. Once this step is done, the NFT has been created. The next step is to sell those NFTs.

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