They show numerous differences but are still within the family tree
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They show numerous differences but are still within the family tree

Posted By Nanlina chen     July 25, 2020    


However, due to the time length that passed, they can't expect extreme evolutionary changes in the ecosystem of pso2 sales Ragol. The similarities you can see between the wolves, apes and rappies in the woods are present and appear to be associated even though they clearly show quite a few differences. For comparison, we are aware that orangutans and gorillas are sorta related as apes. They show numerous differences but are still within the family tree. I feel that the differences we see are within the boundaries of divergence.

In addition, I want to bring up what happened everywhere or that there is no mention of Pioneer two. This further supports the idea that the regulating powers are trying to hide the threat which Dark Falz gifts while also trying to cover up the massive loss of life that they were partly responsible for. Not only does the native fauna of Naverius encourage the concept that we're fighting on Ragol renamed, but also the context of the narrative where ARKS only was able to defeat Dark Falz after an intense loss of life by Pioneer 1 and 2.

Explanations in Episode 2 make it doubtful that this Oracle Fleet's people could be descendents of both Pioneer II or its parent's culture. Pioneer II had basic tactics and photon weapons, but photon technologies wasn't known to the Oracle Fleet until a research boat discovered Xion, who taught it to them, along with her guidance the original Photoners became unbelievably powerful. Pioneer II would have to have broken from the fleet following the discovery of Xion, then lost some like photon arts.

I believe the background of Pioneer 1 and 2 separate themselves enough to explain that. Pioneer 1 and 2 were shipped out as scouts for worlds. Ragol itself was among the worlds scouted for habitation and Pioneer 1 was shipped out with Pioneer two, as first wave behind with the main wave. I believe that the photoners, individuals who seen Xion, were a part of the following Pioneer boat (we will say 3 to the sake of caution ) and that lead to the development of this Oracle Fleet.

Pioneer 3 is likely what was upgraded in the Oracle Mothership and let it salvage the remaining part of the civilization that the Pioneer ships were intended to save. Given Luther's standing, it suggests that the photoners may be equal to those who were a part of the Pioneer ships. Spoilers Dark Falz out of PSO2 derive their power from the Profound Darkness. The Profound Darkness is a clone of Xion. The Dark Falz from Ragol has been there for thousands of buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta years.