What to Include In Your Emergency Kit

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What to Include In Your Emergency Kit

Posted By Wallaby Goods     October 12, 2022    


The worst thing about a disaster is that it can occur anytime. Sometimes, it so happens that entire countries do not even get time to prepare for an emergency, and their citizens are then left with no food and water indefinitely. This shows the importance of creating an emergency kit for yourself and your other family members. Without such a kit, it might become difficult for your family to survive because your only other option would be to wait for the government to step in to help you.

If you want to take matters into your own hands to protect you and your familyfrom these unforeseen circumstances, you should make a DIY long term food storage plan. An emergency food supply will help you thrive in an emergency, but there are other components to being prepared for the worst.

It is important to create a full emergency kit, equipped with everything you could ever need in an emergency situation. Scroll down to find out what you need to include in your emergency kit.

First Aid Kit

An important item you must include in your emergency kit is a first aid kit.There are high chances that some of your family members may get injured in a natural disaster or any other emergency. You also may not have access to medical treatment or a pharmacy in an emergency situation, so it’s best to take matters into your own hands by creating your own first aid kit.


Food is one of the basic necessities of life, and Mylar bags will help you store food for decades. When you store your food long-term in Mylar bags, even if an emergency occurs next year, you will still have plenty of fresh food to keep you and your family healthy.

Mylar bags can help you store different kinds of food items safely for up to 30 years, if they are paired with an oxygen absorber. The bag protects the food from the elements, while the oxygen absorber sucks up all of the oxygen to keep your food from spoiling.

You can store various food items such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and much more to sustain your household. So, you and your family never need to be hungry nor malnourished in any emergency.

When you get Mylar bags from a reputable website, like Wallaby Goods, you will be provided with all the necessary items such as Oxygen absorbers and sticker labels to complete the food storage process.


A flashlight may seem like an unnecessary item, but it can surely help to have one on hand in emergency. For instance, if the power goes out, you can at least have some light with the help of a flashlight.

These are our top 3 recommendations for your emergency kit, but there other items that you should include in your emergency kit, such as water, water filters, whistles, masks, local maps, cell phones, generators, radios, knives, tools, and much more.

With all of the items that could be useful to you in difficult times, it might seem overwhelming to build an emergency kit. That is why we believe you should just start with the basic necessities and then go for storing other items.

About Wallaby:

Wallaby is one of the leading companies that provide Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to food peppers.

If you are ready for some peace of mind, start preparing for unforeseen circumstances by building your own emergency kit. A first aid kit, food stored in Wallaby’s Mylar bags, and a flashlight is the perfect way to get your kit started.

To get the best Mylar bags, visit wallabygoods.com.

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