Plain Hand Robbery-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise
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Plain Hand Robbery-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise

Posted By VitorAzevedo VitorAzevedo     October 12, 2022    


Xuanzhen nodded and said, "Please be on your guard. Although I miss you, I'm not sure. I may cause trouble." Xuan Guang pulled out his sword and laid it across his chest. Old Mrs. Tang also reached into her bosom and took out a hidden weapon, ready to be on guard. Baixiang and Baidai also took out daggers and prepared to meet the enemy. These first-class masters in Jianghu have their own unique skills, but in such a horrible and gloomy environment, they are also cautious. Xuanzhen Taoist slowly closed his eyes, clasped his palms on his chest, and his face gradually became solemn. A voice like a song, like a roar, came out slowly from the mouth. His voice gradually rose from low to high, faintly discernible, and he seemed to be reciting a scripture. There was a slight commotion in the man in black, and the Taoist Xuanyue walked slowly over. His body was stiff, his face vacant, and he walked with difficulty, as if a strange force had dragged his body and prevented him from moving forward. The scriptures recited in Xuanzhen's mouth became louder and louder, and the room was full of echoes, all of which were the sound of chanting scriptures. Xuanyue seemed to be unable to resist the call of the scriptures, and finally came to the front of Xuanzhen Taoist. Xuanguang was worried about Elder Martial Brother Xuanyue, who had lost his mind. Suddenly, he hurt Xuanzhen. He said in a hurry, "Second Elder Martial Brother.." Before he had finished speaking, the Taoist Priest Xuanzhen suddenly opened his eyes, stopped reciting the scriptures, and shouted in a low voice, "Younger Martial Brother Xuanyue,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, do you still recognize him as your elder brother?" Xuanyue opened her eyes, blinked twice, and hesitated to speak. Xuanzhen slowly stretched out his right hand and grasped Xuanyue's left wrist. He answered in a low voice, "I've been with you for decades. Younger Martial Brother, don't you really recognize my younger brother?" Suddenly Xuanyue gave a loud shout, raised his right hand, and split his palm at Xuanzhen's chest. Xuanzhen Taoist had already been prepared, his right hand suddenly added force, clasped Xuanyue's pulse,nail manufacturing machine, dark luck internal strength, chest block by a palm. After his retreat, his internal strength improved greatly. Xuanyue's left wrist pulse was buckled, and the force was not great. The blow seemed fierce and vicious, but in fact it was not very heavy. In the great shock, Xuanzhen stood unharmed. But Taoist Xuanguang was taken aback. "Are you crazy, Second Elder Martial Brother?" He shouted angrily. The sword slanted past. Around the men in black, suddenly Qi Qi walked up, hundreds of eyes, fixed on the group of cloth into the square, eager to try, have the intention of making a move. Xuanzhen hurriedly shouted to Guang, "Take back the sword quickly. Don't try to arouse their desire to make a move." In his voice, he let go of Xuanyue's left wrist. In the stone room, silence suddenly returned. Xuanyue slowly stepped back two steps, and the men in black who were walking also quieted down. "So dangerous, so dangerous," Xuanzhen thought to himself. "It almost led to a group attack. He raised his hand slowly, Nail machine supplier ,Nail machine manufacturer, wiped the sweat from his head, and whispered to Master Bai Ren, "Master, can you see any clues?" "I haven't seen the clue yet," said Master Bai Ren. "I'd like to hear from Brother Dao." "I can see something inside," said Xuanzhen. "As long as we don't move, these people won't attack us.." Suddenly the stone door, which was closed and heavy, slowly opened wide. Old Mrs. Tang said in a low voice, "The people of the Nangong family are here." Qunhao turned his head and saw a man dressed in yellow with a black veil hanging down his face, standing at the door. "This man has a strange costume," said Xuanzhen. "He doesn't look like a member of the Nangong family." There was a small but very clear voice in the heavy black veil, saying, "It's not suitable to stop here for a long time. While the lady of Nangong is doing her work, you should leave here as soon as possible. If you want to leave here after she finishes her work, it won't be easy." "Who are you?" Asked Master Bai Ren. The black-veiled man replied slowly, "This is not the time to ask your name. It is not appropriate for me to meet you with my true face, but I have no intention of harming each other. I have cleared the ambush at the door for you. You have to go quickly." Xuanzhen carefully distinguished his accent, but he had never heard of it. He hesitated and said, "Do you really know that we are out of danger?" "Of course I'm serious," said the masked man. "Can't you be happy?" The Taoist Priest Xuanzhen said, "Since you really want to save us from danger, you should first try to deal with the men in black who surround us.". ” The man in the yellow shirt hesitated for a moment and said, "All right!"! When you get your weapons ready, you can't stay near the rockery after you get out of the stone room. Straight out of Nangong Mansion, twenty miles south, beside the Baihe River, I have prepared ferry boat for you. "Can you hurry to see me?" Asked Xuanzhen. "The future is long," said the yellow-shirted man. "There's no need to be in such a hurry. Ferry boat, there will be someone to greet you.." After a slight pause, he said, "As soon as I distract these men in black, you must rush out of the stone room as quickly as possible.". As he spoke, he suddenly reached out his hand and took out a Gong from his bosom and knocked at random. Just listen to a clang sound, resounded through the stone room, those who stand still in black, suddenly turned around and rushed to the man in yellow shirt. But when he saw the man in the yellow shirt jump and fly to a coffin, he raised one foot and one leg, and bumped into the men in black. "Please go quickly," he shouted in a hurry. "Don't worry about me. I have my own way to get away." The Taoist Priest Xuanzhen said to Bai Ren in a low voice, "Now we can't help these captives. Let's get out of danger first, and then try our best." When the first jump, people have arrived at the door of the stone room. Bai Ren's eyes turned, only to see the men in black, already a group of hands, palm wind fists and feet, Qi Qi put to the man in yellow shirt. Suddenly he couldn't bear it. "No matter how good this man's martial arts are," he said to himself, "it's hard for him to be attacked by these men in black. Since others have come to help him, how can he abandon them?". Just as he was about to order Baixiang and Baidai to make a move, he heard the yellow-shirted man rapping out, "Why don't you start? What are you waiting for?" Xuanguang, Tang Laotai and Sanshou Souhun Baofang ran to the stone gate together. Bai Ren thought to himself, Now that he has shouted so loudly, he must have the ability to get away. With a brush of his big sleeve, he floated up and jumped to the stone gate. Emi said in a low voice,Iron Nail Making Machine, "You are one step ahead, after the next break." Turning his eyes, he saw a man in black rushing over. He immediately silently carried his internal strength and raised his hand to punch.