Two Major Weed Seeds You Need to Know About

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Two Major Weed Seeds You Need to Know About

Posted By Adam Christ     October 12, 2022    


People experiment and develop various strains on their personal weed farms. The success rate of indoor cultivation depends on various factors, including controlled environment, seed quality and type, and many other factors.

Many types of cannabis seeds are available, but in recent years, two major types are making their name worldwide. One is feminized seeds, and the other is auto-flower seeds. You can Buy Feminized Seeds and auto-flower from any weed shop if you want. Keep reading this article to know more about these two major weed seeds.

●Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are precisely selected over time to eliminate the male chromosomes. The plant only reproduces female cannabis plants, which are popular among weed growers who want to produce smokable buds.

Female weed plants produce higher concentrations of CBD and THC when compared to their male counterparts. There are many benefits of feminized seeds; some of them are written below.

●If you buy feminized seeds, you will have entirely female cannabis plants which grow fast and are easy to maintain. Also, you will be free from the cumbersome work of looking out for the male seeds.

●Planting female seeds confirms that you will have highly concentrated CBD and THC-produced plants. Which also guarantees a high yield since the growing space is optimally utilized.

●Sowing female seeds guarantee to have continuously uniform production of female seeds.

●Also, female plants produce breeder plants that are 100 percent free from hermaphrodites.

●Auto-Flower Seeds

Auto flower seeds do not need human intervention like feminized seeds. The plant naturally produces auto-flower seeds through its regular mode of pollination and germination. These types of seeds flower automatically; they are not required to change light cycles or get rid of males.

If you are a new grower, this type of seed is best suited for you as you are not experienced in this field. With this type of seed, you can eliminate all complex procedures, which means it's easy to grow and maintain. Auto-flower seeds have many benefits, some of which are written below.

●Auto-flower seeds produce short plants that require minimum maintenance and are easy to grow. Also, you do not have to produce special conditions for growing them.

●Auto-flowers can withstand fluctuations in temperature, so they can grow swiftly. Many growers said that using this type of seed gives them an early harvest.

●The seeds are also hardy and can resist pests, mold, and frost since they can be grown almost anywhere. Also, this type of seed can grow throughout the year.

●The auto-flower plants have high concentrations of CBD, which are apt for medical use. However, THC levels are low in this type of plant.

Wrapping Up

So you already know about the most used and popular types of seeds. According to your requirement and desire, you can choose one. You can buy feminized seeds or auto-flower seeds from any seed bank.