Quickly wear the pet into the bone marrow bl
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Quickly wear the pet into the bone marrow bl

Posted By Formly Formly     October 13, 2022    


And several other kendo masters are also running, they are studying, Bai Chen and the captain of the kendo department are rare masters, they naturally have to learn, they run like this, the basketball department is more dignified. Bao Ze stopped, and he was watching the game lightly. Bai Chen and the captain of the kendo department are constantly fighting, when such a sudden cut up, Bai Chen blocked, suddenly tilted to the left, and then let the gravity of the wooden knife fall to the lower left corner, if the captain of the kendo department does not close the force, it will fall to the ground, therefore, the captain hurriedly closed the knife, while the gap exposed when the knife was closed, Bai Chen began to attack, began to attack his legs, constantly attacked. The captain kept retreating, while retreating and blocking. However, when blocking, Bai Chen flashed directly behind the captain and began to cut the captain directly. Most people pinched a sweat for the captain. When they thought they were going to succeed, they saw that the captain of the Kendo Department seemed to have eyes behind his head. He directly blocked the wooden sword back and blocked it. The captain of the Kendo Department was still smiling. This smile is very different from the usual,plastic pallet manufacturer, this is a touch of cold with excited smile, eyes also with a cold light, he did not hesitate to spin the sword, fiercely stabbed Bai Chen with the sword, Bai Chen is blocking the sword after a few steps back, he is obviously a little powerless. But the leader of Jiandu Taoist just continued to walk forward. He said with a smile, "I haven't played so happily for a long time." "I really haven't had such a good time since I was hospitalized." Bai Chen smiled. The last time I lost to you, I felt very unwilling. Kendo captain said,mobile garbage bin, actually slightly raised his left hand, and then scratched his head, usually simple and honest movements, but at this time, make simple and honest movements, but do not feel simple and honest, on the contrary, only feel that this person has a kind of inexplicable charming handsome, and this picture has a kind of aesthetic feeling, he smiled very brightly, "I have always wanted to compare with you again." "I understand." Bai Chen answered and then stood there, smiling. For the umpteenth time, I've thought.. The kendo captain gripped the wooden sword tightly. He closed his eyes slowly. He murmured, "If it had been a real duel instead of a competition, if it had been a real fight, I would have died in that fight.". I have lived to this day, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic bulk containers, and I have earned everything. At this point, the captain of the Kendo Department suddenly opened his eyes. He looked at Bai Chen. His voice was very cold: "I don't regret fighting with you, nor do I feel that I lost. It's a shame. I just don't want to lose. This mood has always existed in my heart." Bai Chen paused slightly. He lowered his head slightly and smiled. "In fact, sometimes you don't understand. Even if you lose in the sword match, it's nothing." "Is it nothing?" The captain of the Kendo Department stood there, chewed this sentence a few times, and subconsciously made a gesture of pushing his glasses. He stood there, showing his sharpness. He looked at Bai Chen. "Why do you say that?" "How can a real duel be fought with a sword alone?" Bai Chen suddenly raised his head and looked at the captain of the Kendo Department. Bai Chen smiled very gently: "If you really gamble your life, you only know how to use the sword, but you don't know how to use your mind, and you don't know how to make use of other things. Isn't it too contemptuous of life and not paying attention to life?"? That's ridiculous. Bai Chen suddenly put the wooden sword on the ground. He walked toward the captain. He stretched out his hand and said to the captain, "Captain, I know you always remember this, but sometimes swordsmanship doesn't mean how far a person can go.". No matter how skilled a swordsman is, if he can't resist the temptation, beauty and wine will still take his life in a second. Therefore, a true duel, in which one's life is at stake, can never be fought only with the sword, but with the head, with the whole body, with the soul, so that even if one loses in the duel of the sword, it is nothing, because it is not a real loss. ” Hearing this, the sword in the captain's hand was "Dong!" Suddenly, it fell to the ground. The captain lowered his head. He did not speak. He just kept lowering his head like this. After a long time, the whole audience was silent. The captain wiped his eyes slightly. He said, "Ah, so it's like this. I've been getting into a dead end all the time. Indeed, these are nothing. How can it be just a child's play to really gamble on his life?" There was still silence around them. Although the two of them stopped the game, no one shouted to play again. They just looked at them like this. The captain of the Kendo Department just picked up the glasses on the ground. Then he put on his coat. He said to his Kendo teammates, "Competition is nothing. Competition is just a basic exercise to hone ourselves. That's all. However, we should cherish every practice. However, I forget it this time. I want to be lazy this time." "Yes!" All the people in the Kendo Department answered. All right, who's next? "I'll do it!" Someone came over. But Bai Chen just looked at the captain of the Kendo Department standing in the crowd, and then Bai Chen said with a smile, "The most important thing in the competition is the feeling. With the feeling, you will really experience the competition, really understand and taste the benefits of the competition." As he spoke, he turned his head slightly sideways and looked at the members of the Kendo Department. "You all have to understand that if this is the Warring States Period, if we lose once, we will be dead, but.." Bai Chen picked up the wooden sword directly and waved it forward. "However, we must always know that we are teammates, so we did not try our best to fight each other, even if we thought we tried our best, but in fact, when you face your friends, and when you face the real enemy, the power you burst out is absolutely different.". Therefore,plastic trash bins, even if you lose, it doesn't matter. You just need to work hard again. That's enough. Don't waste your studies or even your life for practice. "Yes!" The people of the Kendo Department shouted in a neat way, and they soon began to come forward and fight. cnplasticpallet.com