Comparison of three air compressor models
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Comparison of three air compressor models

Posted By xingchang fan     July 31, 2020    


Working principle of various air compressor models:

1. Piston-type air compressor: Piston-type air compressor uses the reciprocating motion of the piston driven by the crankshaft to compress the gas in the cylinder cavity to continuously generate compressed air. Piston air compressors are positive displacement compressors. The working principle and characteristics of this model are limited. In order to provide stable air supply, generally piston air compressors are equipped with air storage tanks.

2. Screw air compressor: The screw air compressor uses the mutual meshing of the female and male screw rotors to continuously reduce the volume between the teeth and continuously increase the gas pressure, thereby continuously generating compressed air. Screw air compressors are also positive displacement compressors, but due to the working principle of the screw models, the screw air compressors have stable air supply compared to piston air compressors and generally do not need to be equipped with air storage tanks.

3. Centrifugal air compressor: The centrifugal air compressor is driven by the fan wheel to rotate the gas at high speed, so that the gas produces centrifugal force. Due to the diffused flow of the gas in the impeller, the flow rate and pressure of the gas after passing through the impeller are increased. , Continuously produce compressed air. The centrifugal air compressor is a speed compressor, and the centrifugal air compressor works stably and reliably when the air load is stable.

According to the specific situation of the unit and the actual process requirements of using compressed air, select the air compressor suitable for production needs. It is not advisable to blindly choose high-quality and high-priced models and spend unnecessary expenses in greed for foreigners, nor blindly select inferior models with frequent failures in order to save costs. After all, air compressors provide compressed air sources for textile production. The important power equipment. Based on the purpose of stable supply of compressed air, the combination of screw type and centrifugal type with complementary advantages is a strong guarantee for the air compressor system to meet the process needs; if considering economic calculations, use high-quality and low-cost pistons It is also a wise move that suits the actual needs of the unit.

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