I was presuming the man who spoke VC was simplifying things and can only use
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I was presuming the man who spoke VC was simplifying things and can only use

Posted By Nanlina chen     August 5, 2020    


That is the cap breaker the gentleman talked about; every time the bar fills, you'll get more feature points till you reach 95 to allocate. From 95-99 is only based on a performance level after each game, it assigns you a general between 95-99 which fluctuates each match. You do not need to purchase any VC at 2K21 MT all, you can use the VC you have earned from the time enjoying NBA 2K. I was presuming the man who spoke VC was simplifying things and can only use. Thanks for explaining it tho, it makes sense to me today.

You use VC to receive all of the way. I must say about your editor. Why should you care on your online essentials. Not really caring, wasnt hurt or anything, I only hate this website when you ask a thing and like before people read its downvoted, just rather irked me lol, not saying its some grand disservice but I dont believe theres a reason to spoil a persons post because"theres no like matter I no read", that sorta thing.

Advice for 2K20 MyCareer Players

Advice for players new to 2K20 (Now that it's free on PS4) (How to earn your MyCareer construct so that you can have fun, not get stomped out by sweats). Now that NBA 2K is completely free, I figured there should be a post which includes all the useful information regarding how you need to construct your first player (because wasting your time on a construct that can't hang sweats is exhausting.) While most unhelpful articles will inform you that"You need to select what best fits your play style," I will not let you're that naive. A meta IS there. Builds will stomp you out and beat you at your game, even if it isn't within their pie chart. Look up build videos because they can be useful. I'll list the builds that I've discovered to be the best for getting you wins.

SG - Offensive hazard? (Most people simply make another PG because of the greater volume of badges, but that is really a flex choice based on what mode you play). SF - Rebounding Wing (red/green, can shield every place well enough and shoots better than you). (Another bending place where people either make their centre construct with greater speed and shooting, or a flooring spacing shooter). C - Shooting Glass Lock (red/green, another build that doesn't seem like it could shoot but will make you pay on boards and threes)

I continue to state it. Attributes matter of course, but to a certain degree. The more badges you have got that coincide with your construct's the greater, play fashion. Of course you want to place your attribute points into the Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins regions that you want to capitalize on with the pie graphs you've chosen. With that being said, below are the attributes in which the number can determine which cartoons you may use.