The High Performance Rice Polisher Machine
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    • Last updated November 11, 2018
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The High Performance Rice Polisher Machine

Posted By gong liang     November 11, 2018    


Product description

The high performance Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG) machine is a new type of rice polisher machine newly developed for the world rice milling industry. In the process of whitening, the method of controlling wet air is used to improve and solve the surface damage of white rice during polishing. And to ensure that the surface of the rice grain is smooth and clean. The new polisher machine can obtain white rice with good finish and high rice yield with only a small amount of friction. It can make the white rice have the effect of small weight loss during the polishing process, and at the same time has the best polishing effect, so it is also suitable for cleaning and re-processing the old white rice.


(1) Advanced feeding system: The feeding method of the rotary valve is controlled by the frequency converter, so that the raw materials can be uniformly and stably entered into the machine for polishing, which avoids the impact of uneven feeding on the polishing chamber of the machine and makes the machine run more smoothly.

(2) Improved polishing performance: effectively lengthens the polishing distance of the polishing chamber, so that the polishing time of the rice in the polishing chamber becomes longer, and the overall smoothness of the polished rice is improved.

(3) Improved polishing stability: The integral frame structure enhances the torsional strength of the machine, resulting in high stability and low vibration during polishing.

(4) Storage safety: After polishing, the surface of the rice is smooth, and there are few grooves or indentations. It is difficult to deposit rice bran, dust, fungi, etc., and the white rice can be stored for a long time.

(5) Effectively improve the quality of the old white rice: It can completely remove the aleurone layer of the old white rice, thereby removing the odor of the old white rice, and greatly improving the taste and appearance of the old white rice.

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