Why I am never buying another NBA 2K title again

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Why I am never buying another NBA 2K title again

Posted By Nanlina chen     August 7, 2020    


I would not have had a problem with them increasing their prices if the ps5 replicate was backwards compatible with PS4, that is NBA 2K21 MT my only issue with the entire thing. Theyhave estimated that they'll make the most money this way and numbers. It's shitty and not consumer friendly. But businesses value money over customer good will. Prices have become in this generation in many countries. America is only the final holdout. Not true.

It will be interesting what EA do games, notably FIFA, because its hugely common. I believe that they would receive a whole lot more backlash than 2K if they took a route with FIFA. I do agree with your point that the games can get away with more. We see that in relation to microtransactions and in-game money. EA tried something similar by restricting free gen updates of Madden to the year's close and people were upset. I believe they would have been the first to raise their costs had they never gotten much backlash for micro transactions in the past.

2K will get away with it. Gotta understand, NBA 2K is one of those franchises that individuals who don't play video games and video games, buy. People play with it the whole year until the next edition and just buy 2K and would buy a console. Odds are, and it is going to occur, they'll happen all at one time. 2K is merely the one to show their hands. People would be just as mad if it had been the new Assassins Creed game that revealed the growth lol.

Personally, I do not have an problem doing this. I believe that your argument about it being a casual match is the reason it's perfect to be the first to increase costs. I have friends who only really play sports games and they did not seem to care about the price change. The people up in arms about this are hardcore gamers who will not even get NBA 2K. I'm also someone who doesn't care they they are charging again for NBA 2K on next gen since I think if you're changing engines or anything major like that it is a brand new game and should be paid for again.

Why I am never buying another NBA 2K title again

I'm done. 2K20 is the last straw, although there's been lots of variables which have led to this. Where to begin. 2K20 is a game that is lousy. There is 0 skill involved in games. You and you shoot a release that is terrible and a discharge that is perfect, respectively and it doesn't provide you a cartoon. Greening shots is literally all luck, seeing as full bars exist. I do not feel pride Once a shooter green. Relief I was LUCKY enough to not get a full bar. Whites move in. How do you get rewarded for Buy 2K21 MT having poor timing? It's disgusting.