Tips to consider when buying plant seeds
    • Last updated October 19, 2022
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Tips to consider when buying plant seeds

Posted By Melvin Purvis     October 19, 2022    


Modern breeding techniques lean towards mass production and simultaneous harvests to save money and time using mechanical harvesting methods. Although the yield obtained by these super seeds is larger than traditional ones, they require greater amounts of fertilizers, insecticides and other chemical products to produce them and are more vulnerable to external agents. This is why you must return to traditional agriculture and produce your seeds, saving costs in purchasing these and using fertilizers and chemical products. You can save your time by choosing Plant Seeds Online.

Types of seeds:

In the case of fruit-bearing plants, pollinated flowers produce one fruit for each flower. In the case of plants that do not produce fruits, they produce flowers when they mature, and the fertilized seeds are collected by cutting the entire plant and shaking it on a piece of white paper or cloth, taking care not to lose them if they are too large.

Monoecious plants produce flowers that have both male and female sexes but do not necessarily self-pollinate. This is why when you intend to produce seeds of specific varieties; you must plant several plants to ensure that the plants fertilize each other.

The number of plants that must be sown to harvest and the number of seeds needed for the main crop depends on the species and variety of the plants that will be buried later. Seeds harvested and dried correctly, with patience, stored in dry places, and with stable temperatures generally have a shelf life of more than one year, so the production of seeds can last and be used for several years of sowing.

How to choose the best seeds?

Although the plants come from a single variety and source, not all are necessarily suitable for producing better quality seeds. It is extremely important to consider the characteristics of the plants you intend to use to plant and produce your batch of seedlings.

The plants from which you will take the seeds must be the most robust and healthy of the entire lot. It is necessary to go through the initial batch constantly to determine the best plants with the characteristics you are looking for. Once chosen, you must let them fully mature before harvesting the seeds or fruits that interest us in getting their seed.

To obtain top-quality seeds, the seedlings must be adapted to your area. The plants should be observed to see their adaptation to the area's climate, water quality, type of terrain, etc. It is preferable to take the seedlings from your harvest that have been in the area for at least two years and give good yields.

Observing plant growth is just the beginning. Once you harvest the fruits it produces, it is necessary to verify that the margin of product in it is better and greater than the average of the other plants in the chosen lot. In other words, a healthy and lush plant will not necessarily produce abundant and good-sized fruit. Choose Plant Seeds for Sale Online, the plant must not only grow bigger and better than the others, but it must also have excellent yields.

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