Looking for a laptop that is good to play OSRS
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    • Last updated August 12, 2020
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Looking for a laptop that is good to play OSRS

Posted By Smarthuiyuan Smarthuiyuan     August 12, 2020    


U wouldn't ever have to train a skill again because content wouldn't be locked in the event you can no clip / etc.. If u can use modded scripts and these I'm 100% certain you'd have 99 in every stat as a crazy with no work. The entire point do RuneScape for RuneScape gold people is to show accomplishments off and such to other players so when you take out other gamers why would you need to go through stats and all the quests? Would take more people from the main game which we want everyone we can get. Minus scammers and bitters. As great as this sounds 1 piece of advice is RuneScape itself is all about the grind. I spent half in for dragon slayer two between school/work/life and a year, a ton of quests the pre reqs, hours of vorkath and zulrah praying for drops and I enjoyed it.

However, I wasn't happy because I wasn't very rich and I just wanted to begin getting money for superior gear and using much more expensive gear for pvm I'd about 100-200 m. That is when I started staking. Sounds great right? All of the money I could ever need? I could not even force myself to enjoy zulrah or vorkath with max gear anymore. And that I lost all motivation to do raids because it would take me months of clicking to prepare for raids at which The whole point is to earn money.... I have finally re obtained some inspiration but when you have unlimited access to RuneScape it made me stop believe it or not and nearly becomes moot that is super. Just some food for thought perhaps not everybody is the same but when you have everything in RuneScape that the one thing left to do is.

Looking for a laptop that is good to play OSRS

My bf and I play Old School RuneScape on our laptops and mobile. Well some fuck broke into our apartment and of course notebooks. They had been crap laptops anyways. So we're considering getting gaming notebooks. He also doesnt care as long as he be in a position to record his gameplay while he plays rather than be laggy and can perform OSRS. I on the other hand need to begin streaming on twitch, therefore I wan na na make sure I purchase a laptop that'll be able to deal with streaming on twitch rather than affecting my gameplay and things. I dont wan na buy the best of the best or anything and go balls to the 16, since I'm just testing the waters.

Fundamentally run osrs without it being laggy, and having the ability to record/ and or be flowing on twitch easily, is exactly what I wanna start with. I figure if the twitch thing is exactly what I wan na na pursue farther, then I will always upgrade my gear. We also have done some looking online and are equally spec noobs but there is just so much to process I thought it could be simpler to ask Reddit. So recording or merely if anyone acquainted with twitch and buy OSRS gold streaming can give us some recommendations on a fantastic gaming laptop to check into and things.