Escalator Manufacturer: Regenerative Drive Technology

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Escalator Manufacturer: Regenerative Drive Technology

Posted By elevators fuji     November 12, 2018    


Energy efficiency is no longer an added value, but a prerequisite. Buildings account for 40% of the world's energy consumption. Elevators and escalators use between 2% and 5% of energy in most buildings, but can reach 50% during peak hours. Therefore, the energy-saving problem of elevators has attracted more and more attention. Escalator Manufacturer are also vigorously developing elevator energy-saving technologies.

There are many reasons why elevators do not receive any respect in the green world. Most of the energy consumption accounts for only 5% to 8% of the total energy consumption of the building. In many cases, elevators have been around for decades, and complete replacement is expensive and inconvenient. More importantly, a lot of maintenance (forgetting the transformation) did not bring the goodwill of the inconvenient tenants.

Another advantage of modern traction elevators is that they do not require a machine room because the motors and other equipment typically installed there have been redesigned to accommodate the elevator shaft. This creates more free space, less heat and less energy consumption. In terms of building efficiency, there is a lot of discussion about network lighting, HVAC upgrades, green roofs and other improvements to reduce energy use and save money.

Regeneration drive technology: Energy-saving hardware is another major advancement in energy-efficient elevator technology. They recycle energy instead of wasting it as heat. When power flows into the motor, it creates a lifting torque on the shaft and the elevator sheave, lifting the bracket. As the car moves down, the electric motor acts as a generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and pumps the current back to the facility's grid for use elsewhere.

For those who spent in old hotels or pre-war buildings, it is clear that many elevators are completely unaffected by their charm, far exceeding the upgrade time. However, in general, correct component replacement can reduce half or more of elevator usage, saving up to 5% of total building energy consumption.