Can Streaming Music Combat Piracy?
    • Last updated August 13, 2020
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Can Streaming Music Combat Piracy?

Posted By Patrick Walson     August 13, 2020    


Music streaming is rapidly becoming the go to way for people to enjoy their favorite songs and music content, however, there are a number of ways in which streaming music can actually be of great benefit to the music industry other than just opening up music to more listeners.

One such way in which streaming music services such as Spotify can help the music industry is in reducing the piracy of music. But why is this? What is it about streaming services that helps to reduce the amount of music piracy anyway?

What is Piracy?

Music piracy is a problem which has been of great significance for many years, with members of the public copying and redistributing music illegally. This results in the owner of the music or its copyright not getting the financial support deserving of the music, and in turn impacts on the profits of the music distributor. This was particularly seen in the later years of the 20th century and at the start of the 21st century, with music becoming more and more widely shared illegally.

Music piracy is an issue which has been standing for a much longer period of time than just the last few decades, though. The Copyright Law for Music Act 1906 was actually brought in well over a century ago in order to prevent the distribution and copying of sheet music, and this is something that is still applicable today even though the means by which music is pirated or shared is a little different.

How Streaming Helps Stop Piracy

There are a few different ways in which streaming can help with stopping piracy. It has been seen that the rates for music piracy in Norway have fallen by well over three quarters, which ties in well with the fact that Norway is also the country which sees the highest digital revenue per capita globally. In addition to this, the same trend is being seen around the world; for example, in the year since Spotify launched in Australia, rates for piracy then dropped by about 20%.

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  • Lauren Adams
    Lauren Adams  · February 12, 2021
    That's a good point, but it's also possible to download music even from these streaming services. For example, I usually download music and videos from youtube with this converter I never had any problems with...  more