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The Professional Protection Of Juice Production Line - Shanghai Jimei

Posted By chirty jimei     November 12, 2018    


The milk powder is made from fresh pasteurized skim milk. Milk Powder Making Machine is a simple process that involves gentle removal of moisture under strict hygienic conditions while maintaining all of the desired natural characteristics of the milk, such as color, flavor, solubility and nutritional value. Choosing Jimei's milk powder making machine, our machine is simpler in terms of product operation and is a good choice for making milk powder easily.
Process description:
The raw milk was separated into skim milk and cream using a centrifugal separator. If extra fat is needed in the milk powder, add some cream back to the skim milk.
The slag is preheated to a temperature between 75 ° C and 120 ° C and held for a specific time of a few seconds to a few minutes. Preheating causes controlled denaturation of whey protein in milk, destroys bacteria, inactive enzymes, produces natural antioxidants, and imparts thermal stability. Pasteurized milk can be directly converted into powder according to customer requirements.
In the evaporator, the pasteurized feed is concentrated to various effects, from about 9.0% of the total solids content to 45 - 52% of the total solids content. This water is removed because the feed is vacuumed at a temperature below 72 °C.
Spray drying:
The concentrated milk (skim milk) is then dried into a powder in a spray dryer. The feed is atomized into fine droplets in a large spray chamber by using a disk atomizer or a series of high pressure nozzles. These atomized particles are in contact with hot air where the water evaporates. The temperature of the feed droplet never reaches the temperature of the hot air because it is cooled by evaporative cooling. The dried product is discharged at the bottom of the chamber and it passes through the actuator if needed. The instantener consists of a fluidized bed dryer and a cooler. The dried product with the exhaust gas is separated in a high efficiency cyclone and recycled back to the chamber. The vented air is further passed through a wet venturi scrubber for recovering fines that are not separated in the cyclone. The clean air is then vented to the atmosphere.
Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. provides efficient and fast dairy processing equipment. At the same time, we also provide professional and advanced equipment for everyone's Juice Production Line. Welcome everyone to consult, choose us to choose a professional guarantee.