Two Outer Coatings Of Empty Pharmaceutical Capsules

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Two Outer Coatings Of Empty Pharmaceutical Capsules

Posted By HeXin HeXin     October 31, 2022    


The empty pharmaceutical capsules can be divided into two types according to the capsule shell material used: (1) empty hard gelatin capsules and (2) empty HPMC capsules.

Empty hard gelatin capsule

Hard gelatin capsules or two-piece capsules are solid dosage forms in which one or more pharmaceutical agents and/or inert materials are enclosed within a hard capsule shell consisting of gelatin.

In addition to gelatin, hard gels may contain substances such as plasticizers, colorants, water, opacifiers, and preservatives, which can both form capsules and improve their properties by promoting increased bioavailability.

Hard gelatin capsules are a modern pharmaceutical solid dosage form derived from the increasing emphasis on pharmacokinetics in drug development today. This greatly expands the range of possible formulations of hard gelatin capsules as a simple dosage form for oral administration.

Although softgels and hard gels have some similarities, they are two different dosage forms. Soft gelatin capsules are available in round, oval, tubular, and other all-in-one formulations, while hard gelatin capsules are only available in cylindrical, two-piece capsules.

Both soft and hard gelatin capsules use plasticizers, colorants, sugars, etc. as excipients, but the type and/or amount used varies from one dosage form to another. For example, soft gels have a higher ratio of plasticizer to gelatin than hard gels.

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