Benefits of Oxygen Concentrators

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Benefits of Oxygen Concentrators

Posted By We Buy Portable Oxygen     October 31, 2022    


An oxygen concentrator is a device used in O2 therapy, often used as an alternative to compressed oxygen tanks. They are used for many different purposes and offer many unique advantages that oxygen tanks and other types of oxygen therapy do not have. If you are currently on oxygen therapy or will be in the near future, you may want to learn more about the various benefits that O2 concentrators provide. Here, we'll go over some of the ways you can benefit from oxygen and how they compare to other types of oxygen therapy. 

 Oxygen therapy is a type of air purifier that extracts nitrogen from the air, providing patients with air containing one percent oxygen. This percentage can be adjusted on the fly, between 21 percent (common room level) and 45 percent, for patients who need very high oxygen levels. Being able to adjust the percentage of oxygen you're getting can be easier than being able to adjust an oxygen tank, which usually requires a specialist.


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Another advantage of using a concentrator instead of an O2 tank is that concentrators are cheaper. A typical unit sells for about eight hundred dollars and will last longer than compressed O2 due to the longer life of the filters used in the concentrators. Rooms can be rented for short periods of treatment at a low cost. This low cost is a big advantage when you pay for oxygen therapy yourself, for example if it is not covered by health insurance. 

Ultimately, a concentrator is better than an oxygen tank because compressed O2 carries many potential hazards. Exploded vessels can release oxygen that can provide fuel for open fires, leading to house fires. The various advantages of oxygen make them a good solution for those who want quality, money and safety in their oxygen therapy. O2 concentrators even come in portable versions, allowing them to plug into a DC adapter in a car. Having a source of oxygen therapy is a good solution for many patients, although portable oxygen produces low levels of oxygen and should only be used as a temporary solution. For convenience, safety and cost-effectiveness choose oxygen for your oxygen therapy needs.


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