Why is Environmental Due Diligence important?

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Why is Environmental Due Diligence important?

Posted By next environmentalbc     November 3, 2022    


Environmental Due Diligence in BC, is a process in which the environmental risks and conditions of a property are evaluated. Anyone can request this process- lenders, land developers, private land owners, or attorneys. Those who wish to occupy, purchase or re-finance the property can ask for it.

Environmental Due Diligence includes reviews of historical material and structure, the proximity to natural habitats and operations, safe disposal of materials, and soil and water contamination. It is divided into two categories NREDD (Natural Resources Environmental Due Diligence) and TEDD (Traditional Environmental Due Diligence).

Why is it important?

Environmental Due Diligence, BC is a proactive form of managing environmental risks. It is a very important measure you can take to prevent loss and reduce the risk by carefully assessing the potential environmental risks.

There are a lot of projects which get stuck due to fines or lawsuits because they didn’t carry out the Environmental Due Diligence process. Without this process, you cannot know what problems you may potentially have.

What environmental liability can a land owner have?

1- Tort liability

Tort liability can land you in criminal trials and costly civil and appeals. If an injury to the body, property damage, death, or medical monitoring takes place due to environmental exposure or a condition that is recognized, the owner of the land will be held responsible for Tort liability.

2- Contamination cleanup

When any type of contamination is found on the land, the land owner becomes responsible for cleaning it under the CERCLA protection act. If the contamination has migrated to the nearby areas, the landowner is responsible for that too. Also, where the waste or hazardous substance is being sent to be treated is the landowner’s responsibility.

3- Fines

Penalty and fines will be enforced upon the landowner if they don’t agree to violations, approval, or permits and the expense that was agreed upon as a part of a settlement. The landowners or developers will be held responsible and will have to pay penalties and fines. The number of fines and penalties will depend upon the violations that have occurred.

To sum up,

Any land owner or developer who wishes to start a project should ensure that they carry out the process of Environmental Due Diligence. This is important not only from the standpoint of the environment but for the developer too. If there are any violations and problems, they will be recognized early.

This site investigation can be very important for your company. If there are any violations found later, they can land you in big trouble. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you are looking for a company that can carry out Environmental Due Diligence, BC, you can contact Next Environmental.

Shane Aston is the author of this article. To know more about Hydrogeology in vancouver please visit our website: nextenvironmental.com