Be the leading actress
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Be the leading actress

Posted By Munsch Munsch     November 3, 2022    


At this time, Aunt Qin and Xiao Su heard the noise and hurried from the kitchen. Seeing this behind the scenes, Aunt Qin's face changed and she had no time to speak. Li Zhengting took out a square towel from his pocket and wiped it on the crutch until it reached the top of the crutch. He seemed to be disgusted. Finally, he threw the square towel directly on the ground and said to Aunt Qin: In the past two years, how can the people in the family be worse than one, and how can they get all kinds of goods at home? Is the old man gone, so the rules in the house are not strict, or I think someone has lost the rules in the house for many years, huh? Li Zhengting looked at Aunt Qin carelessly, but his always gentle eyes rarely appeared a touch of fierce color. Auntie Qin had a stern look. She came out of the old house and served the young master meticulously for so many years. It was the first time in so many years that she saw the young master give her a straight face. Auntie Qin knew that this had touched the bottom line of the young master today. Aunty Qin could not help glancing up at the two little girls in the distance. After a while, she immediately rushed to Li Zhengting and said, "Young master, I was negligent." After a pause, he said with a straight face, "Don't worry. From now on, the newlyweds in the villa will be strictly selected and controlled." Li Zhengting gave a faint "hum". Aunt Qin knew that the young master had not vented his anger on her. Her expression slowed down. Not long after, she immediately stepped forward and dragged the two young maids out. As she dragged them, she scolded them with a cold face: "Crying, you still have the face to cry. You are young and shameless. You pretend to be honest on weekdays,Agate Stone Price, but secretly you hit the young master on the head. You really look down upon you." Aunt Qin dragged the man out of the villa all the way. For a moment, the villa was completely quiet. Li Zhengting raised his eyes and glanced around the whole living room. Seeing little Su standing aside, he looked nervous. He asked casually, "Where is she?" Xiao Su only subconsciously looked in a certain direction behind him. Li Zhengting asked as he slowly turned around and looked in her direction. As soon as he turned around, he saw Xu Sidi standing in the stairwell. Seeing Xu Sidi, Li Zhengting looked at her quietly for a moment. Not long after, he raised his eyebrows and waved to Xu Sidi slightly: "What are you doing standing there? Come here." He looked calm,Slate Wall Panel, staring straight at Xu Sidi, but there was no wave in his eyes, as calm as an ancient well, as if the scene had never happened at all. Xu Sidi stood on the steps of the stairwell and looked at Li Zhengting. During the three-month "honeymoon period", she seemed to have gradually forgotten the once fierce and insolent Mr. Li, until at this moment, when she saw the scene just now, she gradually recalled the true face of Li Zhengting. Unexpected, not unexpected. All the women are flocking to him. But women are worthless in his eyes. And Xu Sidi herself, she did not know whether she was lucky or unfortunate, because of Li Zhengting, she had everything that belonged to her now, but also because of Li Zhengting, Grey Marble Slab ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, she finally came to this step, her life has already undergone earth-shaking changes. Xu Sidi's eyes are calm, but her heart is surging like stormy waves. After a long time, she only slowly lowered her eyes, walked slowly towards Li Zhengting, and handed the document in her hand to Li Zhengting. Li Zhengting took the document and Xu Sidi's hand. He took her hand and pinched it. He looked up at her and frowned slightly. "Why is it so cold?" Said, a little thought, looked down, and sure enough, I saw her feet on a pair of thin slippers, slippers barefoot, but wearing a thin nightdress, nightdress knee-length, the whole calf is directly naked, exposed, although the heating in the house, but after all, in the early winter season, easy to catch cold. Li Zhengting immediately frowned and stared at Xu Sidi discontentedly: "Dress well." There was a slight reprimand in his tone. Said, lightly slanted his head to look at Xiao Su not far away. Xiao Su understood and immediately went upstairs to get clothes for Xu Sidi. As a result, Xu Sidi stopped him immediately. Xu Sidi smiled and said to Li Zhengting, "No, I'll go up in a minute." But Li Zhengting said, "The weather is good today. Don't stay at home all the time. You can go out for a walk.". As he spoke, he took one look at Xiao Su and said to her, "You can take her to climb the mountain or go shopping outside." As he spoke, he raised his eyebrows and said to Xu Sidi, "a few days ago, a few foals were airlifted from the racecourse. After these two days, I'll take you to ride a horse." Li Zheng Ting had taught Xu Sidi to ride a horse before. As a result, Xu Sidi was too timid. The horses were all violent horses with strong tempers. It was extremely difficult to tame them. It was all right for Li Zheng Ting to go up. However, as soon as Xu Sidi got on the horse, the whole horse immediately roared and struggled violently. He was so frightened that Xu Sidi did not dare to approach her at all. Li Zheng Ting laughed and scolded her for being timid, and said that the more brave the horse was, They always yield to the strong, ignore the weak, and go back to get a few more docile ones to teach her. Unexpectedly, Li Zhengting did what he said. It's only been a few days, and the horses have been airlifted in. OK Xu Sidi smiled faintly at Li Zhengting and nodded meekly. Li Zhengting looked at her lightly for a while, his expression became a little strange for a moment, but his expression was difficult to distinguish, and he could not see joy or anger. Chapter 212 212 After Li Zhengting left,Agate Slabs Countertops, Su walked up to Xu Sidi and saw that Xu Sidi's mood suddenly fell down. Li Zhengting was a little busy these days. Su spent more time with her. I don't know if it was Su's illusion. She always felt that Sisi's mood had gradually become different these days. Su Su could not say exactly what was different, but she felt that Sister Si seemed to have a lot on her mind. Su Su's feeling is getting stronger and stronger day by day. "Sister Sisi, did that Qingqing just talk nonsense and make you unhappy?" 。