Cooling Design Of Paint Bucket Mould

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Cooling Design Of Paint Bucket Mould

Posted By rixiang alex     August 20, 2020    


The common Paint Pail Mould is one of our products. How is its cooling designed?
Plastic bucket mold cooling system design: The design of the cooling system is a relatively complicated task, that is, the cooling effect and uniformity of the cooling must be considered, and the influence of the cooling system on the overall structure of the mold must be considered; for example: key parts such as moving molds , Cooling of inserts; design of cooling elements and selection of cooling standard elements. We began to analyze these series of problems when designing. The mold uses circulating water to flow in every part of the mold to reduce the cooling time during injection molding, improve product production efficiency, and greatly reduce production costs.
The 20L Pail Mould is our common specifications barrel mold. The mold is uniformly cooled throughout the production process to ensure a stable high injection molding cycle and a long service life, thereby meeting the needs of all high-standard customers.