What are 2C drugs?
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What are 2C drugs?

Posted By ema hossain     November 9, 2022    


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What exactly are 2C medications?
2C medications are a team of artificial psychedelic medicines initially synthesized inside the 1970s as a treatment aid. 2C medicines are available in several styles such as 2C E, 2CT-7, 2C-I, and also 2CB that's essentially the most widely used edition we have these days.

2CB (2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromophenethylamine) is a psychedelic phenylethylamine offshoot, structurally comparable to mescaline. It's a serotonin receptor partial agonist that's popular in the rave as well as club scene owing to the combination of its as both a stimulant as well as hallucinogen.

Lots of customers have compared 2cb yellow batman as having effects that are similar to equally LSD and MDMA, creating a euphoric excessive much like stimulants while simultaneously creating moderate hallucinations akin to ketamine or even mescaline. The way 2C B interacts with the mind and the potential of its to mimic serotonin reactions have resulted in the drug being compared to antidepressants.

The drug is most often snorted in the powdered form of its and is additionally considered orally via a tablet.

Which food do 2C medicines look, smell, as well as taste like?

2C drugs frequently are available in the form of small powder or pills. The powder and pill types of the drug are generally white, although lively pink types of both, particularly for 2CB, have grown to be popular.

A liquid variant of 2C-I that's put on to the tongue through a pipet has likewise been reported, although less common.


When snorted, 2C medicines are reported to use a substance scent as well as taste similar to fuel or maybe clean cocaine. A number of consumers have claimed a burning feeling when snorting the medication and all those individuals who have shot 2C pills have noted small to no taste/smell.

Just how are 2C medicines taken?
2C medications are tricked 3 main ways; snorting in powdered form, used as a tablet, or maybe rolled alongside tobacco and or perhaps marijuana and smoked. The way the drug is taken affects how fast the medication enters the device and will mean influences are experienced faster or even more slowly and also to different amounts of intensity.

How can 2C medicines allow you to feel?
2C drugs are pretty different as they exist largely as a hallucinogen but additionally create effects similar to stimulants as MDMA or even cocaine.

The hallucinogenic qualities of 2C drugs are able to trigger a distorted sense of truth and also hallucinations and dissociation, much like ketamine.

The stimulant qualities are able to result in alertness, improved sociability, and the capability to stay awake more time.

Typical consequences of 2C drugs include:


Heightened awareness of sound as well as colors

Improved sexual arousal


Improved well-being

Hallucinations (if consumed big doses)

Increased cardiovascular rate

Elevated blood pressure

2CB legitimate status
2C medicines turned into a favorite option for MDMA users if the medication was made unlawful in 1984. In the US now, 2C B along with other variants are classified as Schedule I things by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) underneath the Controlled Substances Act. What this means is the drug does not have medical benefit and possesses a top potential for abuse.

Just how much does 2C B cost?
2C-B along with other variants have risen in recognition in the last twenty years and also have noticed a sharp incline in unlawful distribution and creation along with some other hallucinogens.

This has additionally led to an increased street price, with a lot of people choosing the drug out through the deep web.

Based on DEA investigation, one pill of 2C-B features a street price of between ten dolars as well as thirty dolars along with a g of powder may be bought on the internet for between hundred dolars as well as $300.