All You Need to Know About Weed Seeds

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All You Need to Know About Weed Seeds

Posted By Adam Christ     November 10, 2022    


The key to growing cannabis successfully is to only cultivate female plants. Female plants will provide you with the best smoking flowers. Those same female plants, however, should be seedless, so where do cannabis seeds come from?

When a male plant fertilizes a female plant, cannabis seeds are produced. If you're growing females for smokable flowers, you don't want this to happen because the buds will become clogged with seeds. That is why cultivators isolate their female plants as soon as the sex is determined, and you should do the same.

Of course, if the seeds are desirable for reproduction or hemp seed oil, this process is permitted. However, there are some other techniques that experienced cultivators will employ when creating cannabis seeds to produce a new generation of plants.

Is it true that all cannabis plants produce seeds?

Only after a male plant pollinates a female plant do cannabis plants produce seeds. It's unusual to find seeds in dispensary-quality buds, and it's even more unlikely that your plants will produce seeds if you're starting from a clone. When you smoke or vape marijuana, you are usually ingesting the unpollinated, seedless female flower. This plant part is known as sinsemilla, which means "without seed."

Female plants produce significantly more resin than male plants, which is why we've come to cultivate buds from female flowers for harvest. Marijuana resin, in the form of trichomes, plays an important role in the reproductive cycle of the plant.

The female marijuana bud's trichome-heavy structure is designed to capture male pollen spores in order to develop seeds and reproduce. When females are separated from males, not only do sensimillia and trichome production increase.

As a result, while all female plants can produce seeds, pollination is required for their development. Breeders and seed banks act as geneticists, promoting evolution by selectively combining pollen from specific male plants with genes from specific female plants. This results in seeds with hand-selected and carefully chosen characteristics.

What are the best seeds?

You can order cannabis seeds online from seed banks, but the variety of seeds available can be confusing. The first step is to decide which strain you want to grow. Most seed bank websites will have a selection, which may be organized by Indica, Sativa, hybrid, high-CBD, or medical or recreational uses.


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