Top Six Affiliate Programs you need to know which will boost your Earnings
    • Last updated November 14, 2018
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Top Six Affiliate Programs you need to know which will boost your Earnings

Posted By Steve Forsing     November 14, 2018    


If you have been slogging all over the internet to learn about the best affiliate programs to life your earnings for this year, then you will be writing a thanking letter to the experts of MyWorldGo, soon. This is a comprehensive list about the best affiliate programs you need to have a look at. Don’t worry if you are just a beginner starting with your journey or looking for top revenue making networks out there, we have listed everything for you here in one place to help you save some time and get started without any further delay.

  1. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Are you looking to buy a car of your dream? Why go through the hassle of EMIs or Car loans when you can simple refer 100 customers to their website and ait for your car to arrive. You can also take advantage of their other services and products by being the part of the affiliate program. With ClickFunnels Affiliate Program you can earn a generous 40% recurring commission on all the sales they are able to generate because of you. It roughly adds up to $38.80 every month per customer!!! Your dream car will be on your doorsteps sooner than you had ever imagined it to be. Get started now…

  1. FlexOffers

Blue Book has recognised the Flexoffers for its top revenue making abilities. Flexoffers have been listed twice in the Top 10 Affiliate Network for Revenue and Performance for the year 2015 and 2016. You can choose from over 12000 programs as per your requirements. You can take help of the content created by their in-house editorial team for marketing and promotion of the affiliate program. The programs run by Flexoffers are highly acclaimed and worth every second of your time.

  1. Peerfly Affiliate Network

Peerfly is another option if you have a good track record under Cost per Action based network of affiliates. They have been ranked at the top by Blue Book organisation for their performance and revenue model. They have a discreet model to ensure only authenticate and reliable users are admitted into their programs to protect their clientele of advertisers. They usually take up to three days to approve an application. They are also boastful about their adaptive systems and customisable platform.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate Program

This is your chance to turn your passion into a reality of an online business empire under the guidance of Wealthy Affiliates. All you need to do is to follow the step by step guide of Wealthy Affiliates by using their tools to launch your website. It’s a proven path for your success. Your website will be able to attract the visitors and earn revenue like a cake walk. Since 2005, the community of Wealthy Affiliate has grown to over 800,000 online entrepreneurs. This is the brain child of successful businessmen Kyle and Carson, who started it to help their counterparts.

  1. Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program

The Leadpage affiliate program is used by over 40,000 businesses and still counting. A landing page software that has a cult fan following in the online world. You can use the affiliate program to grow the visitors list, capture the email addresses, and produce more leads. Not only this, they offer a huge commission amount of almost 30% on every business you send them their way. This means you can earn 30% every time that customer makes a purchase. Phew! That is some fancy return.

  1. Binary Option Affiliates
They claim to be the world’s foremost binary option website. If your audience is interested in trading, stocks, financial markets, online money making or even wagering, then this is yet another viable option for you to explore. You can earn up to $350 per trader that you refer. If you have a niche audience in the said market then you can earn a lot by giving in less effort and time. Just brush up on the nuisances and get ready for the drive to success.
These options are the top of the pops. The above mentioned programs are some of the best affiliate programs available that can give a boost to your incomes. MyWorldGo experts have hunted down all the programs to get the best of them for you on a single platform. This read will be well worth your time. You can keep coming back to us for more information that will help to increase your business in no time and with minimum effort.