Echo even required a bit of God-given help from Blizzard itself

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Echo even required a bit of God-given help from Blizzard itself

Posted By lucy Sage     November 25, 2022    


The award WoTLK Classic Gold went to the European guild Echo that defeated the raid's last opponent, Sylvanas Windrunner. This was after 4 days of 176 attempts and with no deaths on their final try according to Icy Veins. It was a long time that the contest was close between Echo and the guild Complexity-Limit, but Echo managed to eke out the victory, even though they took breaks over the course of the night. The race's final moments in the Twitch video below.

Echo even required a bit of God-given help from Blizzard itself. One of the guild's initial Sylvanas tactics was to have one player take out an additional opponent that was the Mawforged Colossus to let the rest of the guild to disengage from the Colossus and focus on destroying Sylvanas at the speed that they can. In theory, this would allow Echo to avoid the boss's enrage system that results in Sylvanas producing much more damage.

For Echo, Blizzard hotfixed the fight in mid-fight, changing it so the Mawforged Colossus comes with an individual enrage timer that kicks in when Sylvanas becomes targetable, making it capable of killing the tank in one blow and destroying the raid. Echo was forced to alter their whole strategy as they went along. Despite this setback, less more than 24 hours buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold later Echo declared the victory.