Is Marijuana Legal In Las Vegas?

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Is Marijuana Legal In Las Vegas?

Posted By Lee Wood     September 4, 2020    


Yes! Marijuana in Las Vegas is both medically and recreationally legal. In fact, Las Vegas has become a hub for cannabis tourism and canna-businesses. When recreational use got passed in 2016, Las Vegas has exceeded all expectations when it comes to sales. It has become a leader in embracing cannabis culture and creating tourist-attracting businesses and events, such as MJBizCon. Below, we answer a few need-to-know questions about consumption. If you have a question like "is marijuana legal in Las Vegas", Visit this website.

Who can purchase marijuana in Las Vegas?

Anyone who is 21+ with a valid ID can purchase up to an ounce of dried cannabis flower, or an eighth of concentrate.

Where can I consume marijuana?

For now, marijuana is only legal to consume in private residences. Unfortunately, hotels and casinos don’t count as private residences. For Nevada residents, this isn’t a big issue as long as you consume in your own home. But for tourists, it leaves a bit of a gray area. However, you might be in luck! Kush Tourism has compiled a list of 420 friendly lodgings that you can read. There is also a consumption lounge called The Vegas Tasting Room which is apart of NUWU cannabis. They even offer cannabis-related classes, such as puff-pass-and-paint, or puff-pass-and-pastry where you can learn fun new things and join a community of fellow consumers.

Can I get it delivered?

Yes, if you are a Las Vegas resident of legal age with a home address, then you can get marijuana delivered straight to your door. Many of the dispensaries, like Releaf, even offer FREE delivery!

What is the future of marijuana in Las Vegas?

People are predicting Las Vegas to become the “new Amsterdam” when it comes to canna-tourism and consumption. After years of discussion, in May of 2019, the Las Vegas City council even approved the licensing of public cannabis social clubs. Unfortunately, the opening of the clubs has been delayed until at least July of 2021, per Assembly Bill 533. Although, we have a feeling that as soon as they are allowed to open their doors, the city will be ready. Sin city loves to have some fun and has always been known for providing expert entertainment and managing vices.

For more information on Marijuana dispensaries, please visit this website.