Why Do I Need to Renovate the Old Elevator Cabin

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Why Do I Need to Renovate the Old Elevator Cabin

Posted By elevators fuji     November 15, 2018    


If you have a very old elevator, refurbished the cabin is the key to improving the sense of improvement. It usually changes all parts except the cabin. In addition, as the cabin changes, some additional elements may include greater safety, comfort and energy savings. The Escalator Company (Fuji) can refurbish your elevator and has many advantages to upgrade the elevator.

Renovate the elevator compartment, button: Install cabinets with reflective materials or examples to improve the decoration and design, providing greater width and comfort. The space will be the same, but elevator users will find it more spacious. In order to make such modifications, the old components are usually replaced by other components made of new materials that are lighter and additionally prevent high energy consumption when the nacelle is moved. One of the best ways to improve user safety is to replace different lighting systems and buttons. It increases their perception of the update as they feel during the short trip of the elevator.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the appearance of the system and the door. You can install a hatch and an open system that can be opened outwards, which will slightly limit the space. Another option is to open the system, open the wall, make the opening easier, and make it space and comfortable, as there is no need to keep the door open.

Of course, in the modernization of the elevator. There are also some things worth noting:

1. Modernization may increase the cost of an annual maintenance contract, which is defined as avoiding accidents before approving modernization work.

2. In the modernization process, material reserves and material movements are a challenge, and elevator companies need to make recommendations.

three. In the modernization process, noise may be a problem, so residents are told and prepared some inconvenience, otherwise it is difficult for elevator companies to meet the timetable.

4. In the modernization process, it is a good practice to maintain the inside of the wellbore and replace the main power supply and lighting cables. However, this decision was based on actual site conditions.