Moves weren't the only thing which benefited from the Guru Stick upgrade.
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Moves weren't the only thing which benefited from the Guru Stick upgrade.

Posted By Ding best     September 6, 2020    


The Guru Stick has been a staple of 2K basketball for the most part and for years, has gone unchanged since its inception. For NBA 2K21, we saw this to freshen up 2K21 MT the game on the offensive end. In previous games, you could hold the Guru Stick in any direction to have a jump shot. That was restricting us from utilizing the right rod as a fully featured dribble stick. So we're creating a change to how the Pro Stick works. With this shift, we have managed to greatly expand the dribble movement arsenal and give you access to more moves at a more intuitive control strategy.

After a game or two, it is going to feel instant nature and will have you busting ankles in no time! Along with the remap, the motions themselves happen to be overhauled to be much more responsive and chain-able. Street moves have been moved into a tap of the left trigger also, which means that you won't be firing off them by accident when you are breaking down defenders in the Park. And for its NBA size-ups, we've added several new signatures like Harden's round the leg dribble, a fresh version of Kobe's dance, and Durant's patented hesi cross.

Another NBA legend, Nate Robinson, arrived for motion capture this year and gave us some really exceptional moves which I'll leave for you to find as well. You might also perform size-up dribbles on the movement by holding the Pro Stick Up and with the left stick to move your player in any direction. Altogether, you can choose from a list of 14 Park and 36 unique NBA Size-ups. When you factor in all the 1-to-1 size-up bundles and new customizable escape dribbles, there's no limit to the kinds of combos you can pull off in NBA 2K21.

Moves weren't the only thing which benefited from the Guru Stick upgrade. Jump finishing and shooting at the rim were points of emphasis too. We really wanted to make scoring the basketball an art both from the perimeter and in the rim, so we brainstormed and prototyped a number of different shooting mechanics for this season's game. What we settled on was an idea conceptually similar to something we attempted in NBA 2K17... Shot Stick Aiming. Aiming did not work that well in NBA 2K17 because it was a bit buried, didn't have a lot of skill built into it, and didn't provide the user any feedback. We took those learnings and used them to create a better solution this time around.

To get NBA 2K21, if you take with the Pro Stick, the shooter meter varies from a time consuming bar to a targeting system. So rather than attempting to block the shot meter when you get to the perfect release window, then you adjust the Guru Stick instantly to reach the ideal centre aim point. The goal window resizes dynamically based on player skill, shooting range, and how well the shooter is contested and can also shift to the left or right based on the shot's level of difficulty. Should you miss the goal too far to the left or right, your shot will miss in that direction. And as I mentioned above with Cheap NBA 2K21 MT the new slider sets, even the slightest degree may be the distinction between a make and also an airball on Hall of Fame, while it is quite a bit more forgiving on the easier difficulties.