Why the abnormality of the car universal joint will cause a fire

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Why the abnormality of the car universal joint will cause a fire

Posted By xsj bearing     September 7, 2020    


The weather is dry and the car’s spontaneous combustion can be said to be more than just the “patent” of summer. After the autumn, due to the dry weather, the car is more prone to fire when the custom universal joints is abnormal.

Generally speaking, spontaneous combustion of vehicles is nothing more than the following reasons

  1. Friction and fire of mechanical parts

The lubrication system of the vehicle engine is short of oil, and the surfaces of the parts are in contact with each other and move relative to each other. The friction generates high temperature, and if it comes into contact with combustible materials, it may cause a fire.

  1. Tempering of vehicle carburetor

Carburetor flashback sometimes occurs when the vehicle is running or starting. This is also a common cause of spontaneous combustion of vehicles.

  1. Electrical failure and short circuit

It is common that welding occurs due to the sintering of the starter switch contacts, and the starter's magnetic switch cannot be released, causing the starter to start for a long time. The starter's safe start time is 5s, causing the starter to heat up and catch fire.

  1. Leakage caused by aging and short circuit

When the engine is working, the temperature of the ignition coil is very high, which makes the insulation layer of the high-voltage ignition wire soften, age, and crack. The ignition high-voltage electricity is easy to break down the insulation layer, and it is easy to generate high-voltage electric leakage, which causes the temperature of the leakage place to rise continuously. , Ignite the leaking gasoline from the engine, carburetor, etc., causing fire and burning.

  1. Improper parking position

Since cars produced today are generally equipped with three-way catalytic reactors, the temperature of this device on the exhaust pipe is very high. If the 5-7126X 6H2577 universal joint is parked in an improper location, such as near combustibles, a fire may occur.