What kind of underwear do men really like.
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What kind of underwear do men really like.

Posted By Darinka Crats     December 1, 2022    


What kind of underwear do men really like.

When choosing underwear, every girl somehow thinks about what color and style men will like best. However, modern men are far from unambiguous and have long gone beyond the stereotypes established in society that the standard of sexy underwear for a man is a translucent red lace set with garters, or its absence altogether.

Here are 3 myths about men's tastes and the answer to the question of what kind of underwear men really like.

Myth #1: Less is better!

Three-thin rope panties are no longer considered to be the latest fashion. Short shorts with lace or high-waisted models made of dense fabric, which elegantly form a feminine silhouette and are widely represented, including in the collections of corrective underwear, are now particularly popular among men.

A short lower skirt with a high waist and tiny panties at the bottom is a very delicate yet mischievous and alluring new arrival for this season from the spring/summer collection of the prestigious French brand Marie Jo.

Myth #2: Transparent fabrics are for opaque hints.

In real life, and particularly at first meetings, such a frank choice can alert and even frighten many men. Transparent lingerie is great for a romantic surprise or an erotic movie. Yes, men typically prefer transparent guipure and lace fabrics with their eyes, but they prefer satin, silk, and viscose with their hands because they feel good to the touch and consistently highlight the color well.

Real chic is a supple, flesh-colored silk with a metallic sheen that invites fantasies that expose the girl because the fabric's color reflects that of the skin and appears upscale and pricey. The new Chantelle collection features numerous models made of this abundant material.

Myth #3: For a sexy look - red and black

Traditional red and black outfits don't appeal to all men because they instantly transform any girl into a seductive temptress. Given the wide variety of underwear colors and shades available today, it is time to forgo the more traditional options and opt instead for a precise color, whether bright or pastel, that best complements the hue of your skin, eyes, hair, etc.

Fashionable French and Italian designers debuted brand-new underwear models in vibrant pink, green, turquoise, and other spring and summery hues in their newest collections. Bright colors of linen - sea wave, lilac, hot pink - are perfect for women with dark skin, and pastel colors - peach, light blue - for women with fair skin, and classic pink and blue are well suited for both blondes and brunettes.

And, finally, the main rule: beautiful and sexy lingerie that causes discomfort will not become an ornament for you. First of all, you should focus on quality and convenience: for example, a good bra supports posture, does not leave marks on the skin and does not rub, and even ensures proper blood circulation https://obsessharness.com/bondage-harness/.