Players In NBA 2K23 Can Get A Cart And Four Badges By Brushing Up On Their Missions

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Players In NBA 2K23 Can Get A Cart And Four Badges By Brushing Up On Their Missions

Posted By Claus Oliver     December 7, 2022    


There are many missions in NBA 2K23, and we can get a lot of 2K23 MT and various game items by completing these missions. Recently, a player has been able to get a cart and 4 badges in this game by painting missions for a long time.
Earlier this week, live streamer Keystix became the first NBA 2K23 player to reach the legendary ranking in the game, scoring over 100,000 points in many games and playing 500 games on the highest difficulty setting. To complete this daunting task, they spent a total of 700 hours and were rewarded with a mini-game car that they could drive around to explore areas of the game.
All in all, the anchor played as many as 6,313 games in NBA 2K23's career mode before reaching the prestigious Legends ranking. This is the first time someone has reached such a ranking in a recent NBA 2K game since it launched this October.
Also to the car, Keystix also rewarded their MyCareer players with four badges. It was interesting reaction from the hosts when the legendary level of gameplay rewards were finally shown in the clip above. To be fair, it was almost a silent reaction.
In the comments section below the tweets from the NBA 2K Twitter account, players were talking about whether this chore was worth it. In fact, most seemed to agree that over 700 hours of 6313 games for a minivan and 4 badges was definitely not worth it.
One Twitter user responded, "Working hard for +4 badges ......" and another wrote, "Worst reward I've ever seen." Some even compared the game's vehicles to Homer Simpson's car in Simpson's Hit and Run, and we're not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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