5 Most Popular Princess-Cut Engagement Rings for Christmas Proposal

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5 Most Popular Princess-Cut Engagement Rings for Christmas Proposal

Posted By Jennifer Barkati     December 7, 2022    


Christmas truly is the most wonderful season of the year, making it one of the most romantic occasions to pop the question to your significant other. With the lights glittering and holiday music playing nonstop, this is true. Spread holiday cheer while enjoying the beauty of a princess cut moissanite engagement ring and being surrounded by loved ones. The gift of a Christmas proposal is unlike any other, bringing even more glitz and joy to the year's finale. The ideal method to express your respect and dedication to writing the next chapter of your love story is with an engagement ring.

A princess-cut engagement ring might conjure up images of joy and angels throughout the Christmas season. Princess-cut rings sometimes have stones embedded within the band, which increases their brightness and radiance. Since its ultimate realization in 1980, the Princess Cut ring style has been popular among celebrities. This diamond shape conceptually intends to be a stylish contemporary substitute for the traditional round cut while matching its brilliance (shimmer). A typical princess cut has four sides that are square and have beveled edges that point inward. The cut's facets, or sides, frequently come together in the center to form a star shape. Women use this kind of cutting for other stone varieties, such as aquamarine and moissanite.

The Benefits of Choosing a Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Who wouldn't want to feel beautiful? The princess cut is a distinctive alternative to more conventional engagement ring designs due to a number of distinctive characteristics. Because it is more affordable, the princess cut design continues to be popular. With a princess cut, diamond cutters can keep anywhere between 70% and 80% of the rough stone, as opposed to 45% to 50% in a round diamond. Princess cut rings can be fairly affordable due to the reduced waste, despite its high-class name!

For hundreds of years, round-cut diamonds have been the most common choice. As an intriguing, fashionable alternative to the conventional ring setting, princess cut stones nevertheless make a statement. Thanks to their modern design! Princess cut rings have been worn by trendsetters like Hilary Duff, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Kate Bosworth.

Here are 5 very gorgeous princess-cut engagement rings from our collection.

1. 14K Gold Diamond Double Under Halo Ring with 1.91 Carat Princess Cut Forever One Moissanite Engagement Ring

In this modern piece, the 1.91-carat center diamond is without a doubt the star. This engagement ring has a double under the halo setting. This natural beauty holds firmly in place by 4 metal prongs, allowing the most light to enter and illuminate it to the fullest.

You can change the metal type to your desire, whether you're seeking a 14k rose gold or a more conventional 14k white gold. Its simple, clean design invokes both classic and current aesthetics. Up for sale is a beautiful 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold Forever One Moissanite Center Stone and Diamond Double Under Halo Diamond 3D Engagement Ring.

2. 14K Gold 2 Carat Lab grown Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Triple Under Halo

This beautifully crafted ring has an iconic appearance thanks to the triple under halo with distinctive shapes. Step cuts, a design with marks that resemble little stairs, are used on each stone. This type of cut complements the shine of a princess cut stone perfectly and is great for showing a gem's carat weight, brilliance, clarity, and color. The stones in this ring have distinct trapezoid shapes, unlike step-cut side stones, which are normally square or rectangular. The Lab grown Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Triple Under Halo. You can customize to tell each couple's tale, just like every other ring in the lineup.

3. 14k White Gold Pave Band With Princess Cut Moissanite- Angela

A diamond ring covered in—you guessed it—more diamonds is the only jewelry item that is more appropriate for a princess than a simple diamond ring. Engagement rings with pave settings shine and dazzle unlike any other. The pave setting creates the appearance that the ring with diamonds by using dozens of small diamonds. Light refracts brilliantly off the several tiny jewels arranged next to the central stone.

On this ring, there are no two identical diamonds. Diamonds in marquise and round cuts make up the brilliant ribbon band. Regardless of the ring size, the princess-cut diamond has remained a representation of prestige and composure ever since. The delicately braided band of 14k white gold in a stunningly gorgeous ring that deserves a spot on your wishlist.

4. 14k Gold Princess Lab Grown Diamond Under Halo Engagement Ring

The music of this stunning band is a potent manifestation of love, representing how two lovers' fates are permanently entwined. The entire ring is covered with 0.45 carats of diamond pave, making every area glitter. Rose gold is a significant component of the Under Halo ring and is becoming more and more popular. Yellow Gold, White gold, and Rose Gold -  all three are available in our collection.

5. 14K Gold Diamond Double Under Halo Ring w/ 4 Carat Princess Cut Forever Brilliant Moissanite Engagement Ring

A princess-cut engagement ring could not be more beautiful than this brilliant moissanite princess cut engagement ring, but the style nevertheless exudes a warm delicacy. This spectacular center stone is a Forever Brilliant Moissanite Princess Cut of 4 carats! No one could avoid noticing a ring like this, which is similar to the Classic Princess but with more shine. Make sure to include this in your search if you want the best protection for a brilliant center stone, which is provided by 4 extremely high prongs.

Wrap Up

If you are planning to propose this Christmas, browse David's House of Diamonds' online selection to locate the perfect princess-cut engagement ring. You can find the ideal fit to make this Christmas engagement spectacular at David's House of Diamonds, which has a large selection of stunning and reasonably-priced wedding bands and engagement rings.