5 Significant Points To Know About Critical Kush Autoflower

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5 Significant Points To Know About Critical Kush Autoflower

Posted By Garry Carter     December 9, 2022    


Growing a critical kush to experience a relaxing time is simple. To make this simple with a greater yield, Autoflower Critical Kush Seeds For Sale have been made available to the growers. Through this, one can quickly grow and get the quality yield of the critical kush.

1.What is the critical kush autoflower comprised of?

The critical kush prominently belongs to the feminized auto-flowering cannabis. The strain is a biotechnological cross of critical kush and ruderalis, which can be grown anywhere easily.

2.Which is the suitable surrounding for greater yield?

Critical kush can be grown in indoor and outdoor surroundings with the help of autoflower critical kush seeds for sale and proper nurturing. The plant usually takes 70-80 days for complete growth and flowering. 

In the case of indoor yield, the height of the plat goes up to 80 cm, and the yield from each plant is around 450-500 g/m square. In contrast for outdoor plantation, the plant height goes up to 0.7 m high, with an output of 60-150 g per plant. 

The THC levels percentage of the flower is about 15%, with CBD of 1%. These levels bring out more of the physical impact than the cerebral while letting the smoker unwind from all the stress.

3.What does the critical kush taste like?

As the strain has a dominant percentage of indica, it carries over the same flavor in some portions, stabilizing it with a bit of Sativa without impacting any effects. 

Critical kush offers the taste of kush, earth and pines wood. Even the aroma of the product is very earthy, like the kush. Though the flavor and aroma of the critical kush are influenced by the Kush, Sativa balances the same.

4.Effects of the strain are:

The product grown with the autoflower offers results at the same fast pace as the plant's growth. Primarily the critical kush is chosen to enjoy the trip. It is known to provide a relaxing and happy trip for the smoker. It can also make the person a bit sleepy. The strain grips the person slowly with each drag and lets it unwind the stress or anxiety.

5.When is it suggested to be used?

The impact of the critical kush does not depend on the weather or surrounding. The effect of the product seems more intensive when used in the cool evenings. Yet many prefer to go for the smoke as the sun starts going down.

Concluding note:

Critical kush auto flower seeds are the favorite of many growers because of their high demand. One can be well experienced in the field for excellent yield as the seeds from Kind seed do the work.