Home Textile Fabrics Supplier Introduces How To Use Seersucker

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Home Textile Fabrics Supplier Introduces How To Use Seersucker

Posted By haiwei home     December 14, 2022    


Seersucker is a cotton fabric with a special appearance and style, which is processed from light muslin. The cloth surface is evenly covered with uneven small bubbles, which are not close to the body when wearing and have a cool feeling, suitable for all kinds of women's summer clothing.

Clothes made of seersucker have the advantage that they do not need to be ironed after washing, but the disadvantage is that after repeated washing, the bubbles will gradually flatten. Especially when washing, it is not advisable to soak in hot water, and it is not advisable to scrub and twist vigorously Without affecting the bubble fastness.

Below, Home Textile Fabrics Supplier introduces the processing method of seersucker:

  1. If the warp or weft yarns separated by polyester and cotton are used for weaving and treated with sodium hydroxide solution, the cotton fiber shrinks more than the polyester fiber, so that the cloth body forms concave and convex bubbles; another example is the use of high-shrinkage polyester and ordinary polyester. Arranged into spacers in the warp or weft, and processed by heat treatment, the cloth body forms concave-convex bubbles due to the different shrinkage rates of the two fibers.
  2. The raw material of seersucker is pure cotton or polyester/cotton yarn, and the density of the bubble wrap is greater than that of the ground warp, or the bubble warp is made of strands, and the ground warp is made of a single yarn. When weaving, the let-off amount of the bubble wrap is larger than that of the ground warp, and then dyed and finished loosely processed the cell warp to form beautiful and uneven bubbles. Using the principle that the diameter of cotton fibers increases and the length is shortened when they encounter concentrated lye.

Through the above introduction,Dyeing Fabric Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.