Simplify your life as HR and offer your employees the best HRMS in Mumbai experience

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Simplify your life as HR and offer your employees the best HRMS in Mumbai experience

Posted By leena davis     December 21, 2022    


HRMS plays a vital role in HR life and help make HR work more convenient for the employee. We know how technology makes our life more convenient, and the HRMS software simplifies, tracks, streamlines, and tracks employee activities from one place.


You will find more options available for HR software in the market. Before using the software, it is necessary to understand your ideal HRMS software Mumbai would fulfill all the needs of your organization and the size of your business. Here we have listed some of the top HRMS software in Mumbai, which is most suitable for Mumbai's busy life. Without further do, let us dive into the topic.


  • Freshteam: It is one of the top-rated HR software. Being an HR manager, you can use this software to recruit, hire, and onboard new and offboard existing employees. It is easy to manage employee information in all from one single software. Freshteam is also beneficial for employees to manage their tasks, such as storing employee documents in one place, can apply for time off, and the HR manager can track efficiency with accurate HR analytics without any bias. Being an HR manager managing payroll is more tedious work, but with the help of this software, it is more convenient to manage payroll and employee experience.


Some of the beneficial features of the HRMS payroll software are given below:

  1. Easy accessibility anywhere and anytime
  2. Allows recruitment automation
  3. An inbuilt job descriptions option is available
  4. Easy to create interview scorecards for an interview process
  5. Pre-screening the applicants with customized application forms and assessment tools


  • Opportune HR: This is one of the well known payroll software in India. It offers zero erro payroll processing. If you are looking for one payroll software for all HR core activities then this is one of the best software.

 It offers various features such as:

  1. Payroll processing
  2. Managing taxation
  3. Statutory compliances
  4. Employee database management.
  5. HR analytics and detailed reports.


  • Kredily: This HR payroll software is more helpful in payroll-related workflows and a more extensive way to manage payroll activity. Kredily helps in managing the leave and attendance management of individual employees. It provides a great employee experience.


Some of the beneficial features of the HRMS payroll software are given below:

  1. Helps in managing payroll
  2. Employee self-service management
  3. Onboarding and offboarding of an employee in the company
  4. Maintenance of leave and attendance of all employees
  5. Helps in better communication via video conference
  6. Helps in managing the loans and advances


  • GreytHR: It helps to automate the core functions of HR managers, such as handling self-service portals, employee engagement, workforce management, and payroll processing. greyHR is well suited for SMEs looking for effortless and less cost effortless HR solutions.


Some of the features of the software are given below:

  1. Onboarding new hires
  2. Managing claims expenses of the firm
  3. Payroll processing
  4. Database management of employees
  5. Statutory compliance
  6. HR analytics and reports



  • ZingHR: ZingHR is the best HR solution for all HR managers. It is used more in HRMS software Pune. It reduces effort and is also efficient in handling all HR tasks. The HR manager has to manage individual employees right from the hire to the retirement life cycle of employees. ZingHR is best suited for companies of different sizes and is a good choice for good cloud HR software in India.


Some of the beneficial features of the software are as follows:

  1. Helps in Geofencing
  2. Recruitment process
  3. Managing employee database
  4. Digital onboarding
  5. Collecting feedback and survey of employees
  6. Talent management
  7. Attendance management


  • Drawin Box: Drawin Box is the best software for HR managers if you are looking for a comprehensive HR solution. It manages all the core HR tasks of the company. DrawinBox is the best software to empower your employees with the right tools.


Some of the beneficial features of the software are listed below:

  1. Performance management
  2. Employee recognition and rewards
  3. AI-driven people analytics
  4. Employee helpdesk
  5. Expense, travel, and payroll management
  6. Handling recruitment process



  • Zoho People: It is the one-stop solution for HR managers. Being an HR manager is a more tedious job, but with the help of Zoho People software, you can manage all the HR core tasks more efficiently.


Some of the beneficial features of the HRMS payroll software are given below:

  1. Scheduling shifts
  2. Performance management of employees
  3. Document management
  4. Solving employee queries
  5. Onboarding employees


Final thought:

Technology is playing a vital role in everyone’s life, keeping ourselves updated and using advanced technology makes our professional life more convenience and increases the productivity. Choose a best HR software to increase the productivity being as HR professional. Using a good  payroll software is not only beneficial for HR professionals but it also beneficial for the organisation in terms of growth and managing the task in easier way with zero errors.