Role of bolts in manufacturing companies
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Role of bolts in manufacturing companies

Posted By hiltonsteel hiltonsteel     December 22, 2022    


Bolts are a type of fastener generally used in conjunction with nuts for assembling two non-threaded components. The ease of use has made them suitable to play an essential role in developing mass production and steel structures. They consist of a head, and a cylindrical body externally threaded along part of their length.


The head is the part of the bolts characterized by a larger diameter, and its shape is designed to correspond with the appropriate tightening tools. The bolt head can perform other functions, such as distributing the clamping load over the contact surface or locking the bolt in position, preventing rotation.


The thread is a helical structure wrapped around the cylindrical body of the bolt that converts the rotary movement into a linear one, guaranteeing the tightening of the fasteners. There are various forms of threads. However, two types are the most common. Spaced threads are used on wood screws and self-tapping screws, while hardware threads are generally used on screws and bolts and are designed to mate with preformed threads on nuts or holes.


Some types of bolts have a thread that extends from under the head to the tip. However, the bolts can also be partially threaded. This means they have an area under the head entirely free of thread. The length of this non-threaded part, also called the shank can vary depending on the bolt type.



Hex head bolts

Hex head bolts are the most commonly used type of bolt for different applications in the construction and repair industry. These have progressively replaced square head bolts over the decades due to their ease of tightening. They are mainly used for joints, along with hex nuts and washers that distribute the load on the materials, preventing the head of the bolt from entering the joint. Hex Bolt manufacturer in India offers various strength classes and materials, and high-strength fasteners are often made with hex heads.


Flanged Hex Bolts

Flanged Hex Bolts are block-joined, hexagonal head washer bolts with smooth or serrated contact surfaces. These types of fasteners are commonly used to lock, for example, truck panels and offer some advantages. The forged flange under the head distributes the load widely over the contact surface, thus eliminating the need for a washer.


Square head bolts

Square head bolts have long been the gold standard in the fastener industry. These have now been superseded by the more practical hex head bolts, commonly used for cosmetic reasons. Self Tapping Screw manufacturer in India provides all types of steel products with best quality.


Square Neck Round Head Bolts

Round head square neck bolts are a type of bolt used primarily for carpentry work, particularly for fastening metal components to wood. However, these bolts are provided with a thread that makes them also suitable for use in metals. They are made by Inconel round bar suppliers with a round head, no footprint for a screwdriver or key, and a square section below the head. Square neck bolts are also used for aesthetic reasons, as they offer a pleasing appearance in many applications due to their round head.