Take Out the Stress of Your Exhibition Stand

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Take Out the Stress of Your Exhibition Stand

Posted By Valerie Brown     December 23, 2022    


If talking about exhibitions then they are an important aspect of a company's marketing campaign. They can assist a company find new customers and make its way in new markets, whether they be localised, regional, local, or international. If you intend to have a stand, you will require a few pointers to help you take the worry out of these stands.


The very first factor to think about while building display stands is the dimensions of the stands. Your items will decide the size. For instance, when your company sells jewellery, you would require smaller size Trio Stands Australia than it would be if you sell technology. The stand must be large enough to exhibit a sample of every one of your products.


The structural strength of display stands is critical. The materials you are using to construct the stand will affect its strength. For example, if you utilise metal materials, the stands will be more durable than those constructed of wood or plastic. Therefore, wooden stands are less difficult to design and construct than metal stands. Moreover, metal materials are slightly more expensive than timber materials.





Exhibition stands or Book Stand must be designed in accordance with the goods to be presented. The stand's exterior and interior design will have a considerable impact on its structure. For instance, the inside must be robust enough to support the goods on show. The stronger the structure, the heavier the goods you will be displaying.


You don't need a strong foundation if you're displaying light items like jewellery or beauty products. In reality, a plastic or wooden construction will suffice. In order to make such things look appealing, the interior should be made of glass.


If you intend to display tools or electronic equipment, you may require a highly sturdy framework. A strong structure will support the weight of your products, mainly if you opt to showcase them on shelves.




For any display booth, prominent signage is essential. On every side of the booth, place giant placards and banner flags with your company's name and website. Ensure that the signage is securely fastened and plainly legible, with no other things obscuring your name. People would be tempted to continue walking if they pass by your booth and do not recognise you.


Take into account a modular stand system and Plate Hangers Australia, which offers greater flexibility than a completely custom-made display. These custom-made stands will most likely only be used for one concert.


All of this may seem exhausting and time demanding to you. If you don't have the time or energy to operate on a stand, it can be a good idea to hire a stand builder. Choose someone with extensive experience with trade shows and exhibits. A great builder must be able to oversee the exhibition's building, product layout, business advertisement, and stand deconstruction after the show. Your requirements and needs will dictate whether you make the stand on your own or hire a stand developer.