KMSAuto: how to use the program?
    • Last updated December 24, 2022
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KMSAuto: how to use the program?

Posted By Alan Poe     December 24, 2022    


KMSAuto is a special software activation application from Microsoft. Since licensed versions of operating systems and office programs are extremely expensive, users prefer hacked software. 

In addition, even those who have never encountered such a procedure will be able to use KMSAuto - the entire interface is in English and activation is performed automatically. You can download this program at the

The fact is that software from Microsoft must be activated on the official KMS server. The computer sends a license key to it, which is confirmed by the verifying party. If the operation is successful, the software lock is removed and unlimited access to Windows or MS Office is provided.

To freely use the KMSAuto activator, the PC user must disable the antivirus. This is a necessary measure - the standard "Defender" will block the program's executable file. The utility emulates a KMS server on a computer, "deceives" the system, confirms the key, and then deletes unnecessary files.

Description of functions

Before learning how to use KMSAuto Net, let's consider all the features of the utility:

  • In the "Main Window" section, the user controls the activation and validation of programs.
  • "System" implies the manual selection of parameters for configuring the activation. The user can independently install/uninstall the KMS service, choose a method, create a reactivation task, install a GVLK key, and so on.
  • "About" - information about the developers and a button to go to the extended version.

Using KMSAuto in the extended version is recommended only for experienced Windows users. In the "About" tab, click on the "Professional Mode" button, after which additional tabs will appear:

  • "Settings". Here you can select the KMS-Service options.
  • "Additional". Choice of activation method and functionality for converting Office versions by year.
  • "Utilities". Here you can manually set the GVLK keys for Microsoft products.

Activation order

Regardless of whether you are activating Windows or MS Office, the procedure will look the same:

  • On the main tab, click on "Activation".
  • Select the type of software - Windows or MS Office.
  • After that, pay attention to the bottom status line - inscriptions will appear there indicating the stage of the operation.
  • Upon completion, you will see a corresponding confirmation, and a window will appear for creating an item in the task scheduler. We agree to this.

To check the effectiveness of the activator, you need to open a window with computer properties. Scrolling through the information page to the "Windows Activation" block, you should see a notification that the operating system has been successfully activated.


You can use KMSAuto together with KMS Cleaner. This program has advanced functionality that allows you to clean your computer of unnecessary files, create tasks in the scheduler, configure activation in detail, and much more.

If you first downloaded the activator on your PC and tried to run it before turning off the standard and third-party antivirus, then the executable file will go to quarantine. You need to "pull" it and add it to the exclusion list, or temporarily disable the security program.

If you find a site that downloads not an archive, but a file with the *.exe extension under the guise of an activator, then in no case run it - this is a virus or a program for installing adware.