Personal Finance in the Time of COVID

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Personal Finance in the Time of COVID

Posted By Daniel Stewart     September 17, 2020    


The pandemic has hit millions of people pretty hard financially. With all the confusion and difficulty, it can be hard to get your personal finances in order. Luckily, there are some solutions out there, and relief has been administered to a degree. Things like personal finance apps, quarantine specific budgets, and much more can help get people through these tumultuous times.

Stimulus Check Saving

The first stimulus check provided people with an influx of cash when it was badly needed. Although it might not be more than a band-aid for some, it at least opened up some options as to what you could do with an extra $1,200 or more if you have dependents. If you have urgent bills, that’s something that the stimulus check could cover right away. However, if the stimulus wasn’t something you urgently needed, a good thing to do with it was use it as an emergency fund and save it, in case you needed it for the future.


With unemployment reaching extremely high rates, many people lost their job in the pandemic. For a time, unemployment benefits were bolstered with an extra $600 per month. For many people this provided much needed relief. If the extra $600 was more than you needed, you may have wondered if there was something you could do with the money. Coming up with some savings goals or paying down debts is a good option if you have extra funds. Figuring out these adjustments with a personal finance app is an easy way to figure out where you should be funneling any extra funds you get. If you need the best personal finance app, visit this website.

Student Loans

Also, keep in mind, if you have student loans they’ve likely been deferred for the time being. It’s important to check and make sure this is true through your lender, but most have been put off at 0% interest for the time being. If you have extra money, it’s also a good opportunity to pay down your principal balance.

Get Pandemic Budget Help with a Personal Finance App

One tool you can use to get your pandemic finances in order is a personal finance app. Cleo, for instance, even has COVID-19 specific features. With other functions like savings goals and money management, it might be just what you need to assist with your personal finances during COVID.

If you need the best budgeting app, visit this website.


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