The Most Secure And Cost-Efficient HRMS Software

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The Most Secure And Cost-Efficient HRMS Software

Posted By leena davis     December 27, 2022    


Human resource department is a vital part of any business. To handle the HR core activities of the firm, we require cloud HRMS software and system. Managing personnel and evaluating employee database management is challenging for HR managers. It is always a significant problem for HR managers to hire suitable candidates and provide a good experience in the company. HRMS software cloud is a web-based application that aids the organizations to manage employee records and payroll. The cloud HRMS software gives a centralized platform for handling forms of employees, communication, and tracking employee performance.

HRMS software is a solution for all HR activities, saving time and money and automating HR tasks. After understanding the importance and benefits of HRMS software, now let us know the most cost-effective and secure HRMS software for an organization. Without further do, let's dive into the topic.


  • Pocket HRMS Software: if you are seeking an HR platform that covers the life cycle of an individual employee, and assists you in streamlining the HR procedure, then Pocket HRMS is the best HR payroll software, it provides solution that fulfills the organization's requirements. It is a cloud-based human resources management system that is more flexible and mobile in the workplace. This HR software goes well with small and medium-sized businesses.


Some of the key features of Pocket HRMS Software are:

  1. HR chatbot
  2. Payroll management
  3. F and F settlement
  4. Mobile payroll app
  5. Monitoring of attendance
  6. Timesheet Management
  7. Training management
  8. Biometric attendance
  9. MIS reports and analytics
  10. Recruitment management

Cost: The basic package starts from Rs 2495/month, which is increased by Rs 29 for additional employees up to Rs 50.


  • PeopleHR: One of the unique and easy-to-use software in India is PeopleHR. This software has made daily life more accessible and convenient for handling HR responsibilities.


Some of the features of PeopleHR are;

  1. Expense claim and Reimbursement
  2. Leave and Attendance management
  3. Employee database management
  4. Payroll management
  5. Performance and evaluations of employees
  6. Flexible organization chart
  7. Personalized and computer-assisted workflows
  8. Reports in infographics.

Cost: The minimum price is Rs 49 per month for an individual employee.


  • PeopleHum: This software is a global codie award-winning HR software. It is best suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and helps to manage employee engagement, recruitment, performance, attendance, and more. PeopleHum software is a cloud-based system. Most importantly, it provides affordable services, is easy to use, and provides AI/ML analytics.


Some of the features of PeopleHum are given below:

  1. Employee onboarding
  2. Accessible on the mobile app
  3. Competency groups
  4. Performance management system
  5. Handling Recruitment process
  6. Employee self-service portal
  7. Real-Time Analytics
  8. Goal tracking


Cost: PeopleHR is available for a free trial. Pricing is available on quotation.


  • OpportuneHR: It is one of the best payroll software in India. The software is cloud-based and offers many tools for HR executives, which plays a vital role in the company. OpportuneHR provides advanced features to a client at affordable prices.


Some of the key functional features of OpportuneHR are:

  1. On boarding the employees
  2. HR processes
  3. Application tracking system
  4. Workforce planning
  5. Attendance management of employee
  6. Rewards & Recognition
  7. Leave management
  8. Decision friendly reports
  9. Timesheet management
  10. Accurate payroll
  11. Employee branding

Cost: OpportuneHR offers a personalized package to the clients and customizes it as per their requirements. It is an excellent benefit for the organization.


  • FactoHR: FactoHR is a payroll software that enables organizations to enhance employee experiences with the help of cutting-edge tools and technology. This software has one solution for managing the workforce.


Some of the key features of FactoHR are as follows:

  1. Employees serving themselves
  2. Recruitment & onboarding
  3. Payroll management
  4. Travel and expenditure management
  5. Attendance Software  
  6.  Leave management
  7. Training and budget management
  8. Loan and advance management

Cost: FactoHR has a standard price of Rs 2995 per month and an additional fee of Rs 20 per employee monthly.



  • HROne: It is one of India's first HCM suites as simple as email. It is India's first B2B HRM software that is focused on the customer. This is the best payroll software helps in decision-making and gives faster results. It simplifies human interactions and actionable insights to build a pleasing workplace.


Some of the key features are:

  1. Payroll processing
  2. Bonus, Loan, and advances
  3. Employee engagement
  4. Expenses management
  5. Recruitment process
  6. Planning of the workforce
  7. HR helpdesk
  8. Logins for many users and access based

Cost: HRone's subscription plan starts from Rs 6500 per month. You can contact the team provides a personalized quotation on your requirement.



We have discussed more useful HRMS software, which is more prevalent in India. HRMS softwares plays a vital role in the organization. To have an efficient and effective workforce, we need excellent HRMS software that provides accurate and cost-effective reports. Many software is quoted the price per the individual company's requirement. Choose Oppurtune HR the best software which is more suitable for the company.