Egg Cartons Have Multiple Jobs - Types of Egg Cartons

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Egg Cartons Have Multiple Jobs - Types of Egg Cartons

Posted By folomie storageboxes     December 28, 2022    


WHAT ARE EGG CARTONS MADE OF? How often do you think about the carton your eggs come in? Most of us don’t give them a second thought, unless we end up with a few broken eggs, leaving us feeling scrambled. Let’s take a closer look at the underrated egg carton and see what goes into making this marvel of modern engineering.

Cardboard or Pressed Paper

Pressed cardboard is a common form of egg carton. These cartons hold six to several dozen eggs. They are sometimes perforated in the middle to allow a dozen eggs to be separated into two half-dozen containers. These cartons are often made using recycled paper or newsprint.

Plastic foam

Plastic foam is also a very popular material for egg cartons and comes in a variety of sizes, from containers holding half a dozen to cartons holding several dozen.


Molded plastic is sometimes used to make egg cartons. plastic containers with snap lids generally have a slightly different format than paper or foam cartons; in addition to the molded top with egg spots, they also have an additional top that covers the molded top to further protect the eggs.

Egg-Straordinary Roles of an Egg Carton

The life of an egg carton might seem over-easy — all it has to do is transport your eggs from the farm to the grocery store and finally to your kitchen, right?

In reality, egg cartons have multiple jobs, including:

Being a canvas for ingredient and nutrition information

Providing tracking information for health and security purposes

Providing a printing surface for brand and farm names, and other marketing functions

Protecting the eggs from physical, biological and chemical damage

On the side of your carton, you will usually see two numbers and one or two dates. This stamp will include the Julian date, which shows when the eggs were packed; the farm code, which designates where they came from; and an expiration, sell-by or use-by date.

It might be easy to crush an egg carton, but that same shape gives the container its strength. The curves in the egg divots make the package stronger and prevent crushing. You can find egg cartons that hold anywhere from six to 60 eggs.

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