3 Types of Fall Protection Equipments to Use While Working on a Window Cleaning Cradle

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3 Types of Fall Protection Equipments to Use While Working on a Window Cleaning Cradle

Posted By Alan Wood     September 19, 2020    


Working at an elevation can be quite risky, and there is every bit of risk at any given moment for people who work there for construction, renovation or any other project. Know about 3 of the best Fall Protection equipments that need to be used while working on a window cleaning cradle at a height above the ground.

Safety Harness

It is a system comprising of straps which need to be wrapped around the body in a secure fashion. This can prevent a fall and when there is a slip, a worker gets hung by it and the impact of arresting the fall is distributed across his body – over the thighs, shoulder, pelvis, waist and chest as well as the back in an effective fashion. This kind of harness should also be attached to many other fall-arrest devices.

Retractable Lifeline

It is another important device that can be extremely assistive while working on a lifting cradle or suspended rope platform. It allows workers to freely travel without any slack rope. But in case he starts falling, a worker can find his lock arresting his drop instantly. With the use of these systems, there is less of horizontal movement however.

Static Line

A cable or rope is strung horizontally and / or vertically from one big object to another. It can help a person travel easily between one Window Cleaning Platform to another, but manage to resist falls nonetheless. It is one more assistive fall prevention unit that needs to be used.

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