How Long Does It Take To Get Dentures Fitted?

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How Long Does It Take To Get Dentures Fitted?

Posted By Ronny Simple     December 31, 2022    


If you have lossed a lot of your molar teeth in the back of your mouth then you could benefit from partial dentures. However, if you’re looking for dentures in Boise you may want to give Premerie Dentures a try. To learn more about how long it takes for dentures to be fitted keep reading below.


Dentures have become more increasingly popular amongst not only senior citizens but younger people too. Mostly because going to the dentist today can be rather expensive but dentures are a cheap and affective option to replace missing teeth.


How Long Does It Take To Get Dentures

Usually, the time it takes you to get your dentures really depends on what kind of dentures you are going to be getting. Which means if you are getting full dentures or partial dentures. The following is the process you have to go through to get dentures.


1. Impressions

First, your qualified dentist will have to take impressions of your teeth and your gums. Preliminary impressions usually take up to 30 minutes to get. Then, you will have to wait for a pain stacking two weeks for the dentist's lab to make custom impression trays, and then you will come back to the office to make the final impressions.


2. Jaw Relation Records

2 weeks after you do your final impressions, you will return to the dentist office once again for jaw relation records. The appointment lasts for about an hour and the dentist will note your upper jaw’s position relative to your lower jaw. Now if the jaw relations are not correct then your detures will end up moving out of alignment.


3. Wax Try-In

Another 2 weeks later you will have another dentist appointment that lasts for about an hour where the dentist will see and confirm if your dentures fit and will function correctly. And you get the chance to see what your new smile looks like before the dentures are sent off to be finished.


4. Dentures Are Delivered

Yet again 2 weeks later once you’ve had your wax try-in appointment your dentures will finally be delivered to your dentist office.


5. Follow-Up

The next day after you have received your dentures you will be asked to come back to the dentist office for a follow-up visit to make sure that your dentures fit. And if not your dentist will make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your dentures sit comfortably and that they are secure when in your mouth.


How Long Does It Take For Dentures To Be Fitted?

As soon as your dentures arrive at your dentist office that means it’s finally time for the fitting. The whole fitting process takes no less than 30 minutes and an hour, which really depends on what kind of dentures you are getting and what kind of adjustments need to be done.


During the process of fitting your dentures the dentist will ensure that your dentures feel snug and comfortable while in your mouth. They may actually need to trim some of the teeth on the dentures or make some crucial changes to the bite to ensure that your new dentures are easy, secure, and comfortable for you to wear. They want to make sure that you are happy with them before you walk out the door.