Is Coffee Really Good For You?

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Is Coffee Really Good For You?

Posted By Pedry Piran     Jan 2    


We all love our morning coffee cups that help us wake up instantly. So, do they contain any other health benefit? Allow us to explain you in detail before you shop coffee grinder or look for best coffee grinders in UK:

Your cup of coffee is a power packed source of antioxidants. This high antioxidant content is known to offer countless number of health benefits. Just like your regular grounded coffee, instant coffee is equally good. As per some studies, instant coffee contains even higher quantities of antioxidants as a result of the way it is processed.

To add to this, one cup of coffee contains less than 10 calories. Do you need more reasons to enjoy it?
Instant coffee is a power house of antioxidants and contains it in higher amounts than any other type of coffee. It also contains lesser amount of caffeine than your regular cup of coffee. A tea spoon of instant coffee contains only 30-90 mg of caffeine, whereas, your normal coffee contains around 70-140 mg of caffeine.

Since caffeine sensitivity varies from one individual to another, instant coffee is always a better choice for those who need to cut back on their daily caffeine intake to ensure they don’t get addicted to coffee.
Also, instant coffee is easily available in decaf on various online and offline stores, which contains even lesser amount of caffeine.

Too much of caffeine intake is often associated with health issues like anxiety, poor sleep quality, restlessness, digestion issues, tremors, and an elevated heartbeat.