You Need to Know Types of Granite Cutting Machine

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You Need to Know Types of Granite Cutting Machine

Posted By enxin ccc     September 22, 2020    


At present, granite cutting machine is divided into two types: semi-automatic and fully automatic, and fully automatic cutting machines are divided into many types, mainly due to the different feeding methods. At present, there are roughly three types of fully automatic feeding methods in the market. One is cylinder feeding. The second type is stepper motor feeding, and the third type is servo motor feeding.

   The cylinder feeding of the fully automatic cutting machine mentioned above has an unstable structure. If it is used for a long time, the cylinder is prone to wear and tear, which will directly lead to inaccurate feeding accuracy. The stepper motor feeding is fine normally, but if you cut some relatively large or relatively heavy materials, its feeding accuracy is still problematic.

Because the stepper motor feeds, it relies on pulses to complete the feeding accuracy. Normally, the progress is relatively stable, and the private server motor feeds more stable than the stepper motor, because its motor has a signal response to the servo drive. During normal operation, the cutting machine will automatically stop the calibration, and the feeding accuracy will be more stable.

The other is the feed by the servo motor of the fully automatic cutting machine. Compared with the stepper motor, its sawing range will be larger. If you cut some heavy materials, its sawing stability is better than that of the stepper motor. It's much better. Because of the stepper motor, it sometimes loses steps, while the servo motor feeding will not show a similar situation.

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