4 Everyday Eyewear Care Tips You Can Use Easily

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4 Everyday Eyewear Care Tips You Can Use Easily

Posted By Frames Fashion     Jan 13    


Once you've spent the time and money on a great pair of oversized designer sunglasses, you'll want to do anything you can to keep them in pristine condition for as long as possible. Not cleaning your glasses correctly may cause a buildup of oil and debris which can blur your vision and potentially scratch or damage the lenses. It's crucial to know the ins and outs of cleaning eyeglasses, even if you have purchased a lens with scratch and water-resistant coating. Here are 4 everyday care tips you can use to manage your eyeglasses:

Use a proper cleaning cloth

Using tissues, paper towels, or napkins to clean your glasses is a bad idea. Glass lenses are readily scratched by these materials, no matter how gentle they may seem. Also, you should avoid cleaning the lens with the clothes you wear. Because you may not notice the things you are wearing are collecting dirt and dust which may then be transferred to your glasses and damage them. In its place, you should use a microfiber-quality lens cleaning cloth.

Use proper lens cleaning spray and no other cleaning liquid

Do not try to use window cleaning or normal glass cleaning liquid. Chemicals in window or surface cleaning are not only bad for your eyes, but they may also damage the coating on your glasses. It's recommended you use lukewarm water with a drop of dish soap, a dedicated glass-cleaning solution, or a recommended lens-cleaning solution.

Do not leave eyeglasses in the kitchen and bathroom

Don't leave your glasses where they might be splashed or sprayed. Some chemicals found in hair and beauty products might actually break down the protective layers on your eyeglasses' lenses. Put your eyewear in a protective case to avoid scratching and protect it from dust and dirt.

Examine the Nose Pads and Other Frame Parts for Damage and Repair

You shouldn't attempt to repair your glasses on your own if the nose pads have yellowed or if other parts of the frame are tough to clean. It is best to consult an expert if you have an eyeglass type like the clear glasses trend.

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