Which patio covering method is the least expensive?
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Which patio covering method is the least expensive?

Posted By Bluebonnet Patio Covers     Jan 25    


You are lucky enough to have a patio. Make good use of it and create additional seating. However, harsh climates can sometimes make it difficult to gather around and have fun with your loved ones in the outdoor living area. An ideal solution is patio covers that not just offer the benefit of an energy efficient seating space but also increase the resale value of your home.  



There are various methods to cover the patio. The cheapest is certainly not the best one. So resist the urge to go with cheaper options like plastic and fabric. These may sound budget friendly but if you look at the bigger picture these options are certainly the most expensive. In terms of maintenance and lifespan, plastic and fabric are certainly not the most cost efficient options. So what could be the ideal solution for patio covering? Which materials can last longer and offer value for money performance? Keep on reading to find out not one, not two but four inexpensive methods to cover the patio.


Alumawood shade structures


Find the perfect balance between the aesthetics of wood and the functionality of aluminum in these patio covers. Featuring a robust beam and rafter construction, it looks like wood but offers the maintenance free, rust free and durable performance of aluminum.


Since the patio covers are made from aluminum there is no hassle of maintenance like wood. Secondly, they withstand harsh weather for years. No risk of corrosion and can be installed very quickly. These structures are great to make a patio cover or create a freestanding private retreat at an affordable price.


Insulated foam core patio panels

These panels are the most cost-efficient method to create a fully shaded patio. Due to the features of insulation, these panels have become the best seller. These panels feature a waterproof bond which ensures a durable and maintenance free lifespan.  


Further, with these panels you get the benefit of maximum energy savings, hence you get total value for money performance. These panels are installed quickly with the unique snap-lock fastening system that eliminates the scope of gaps or cavities. Further, you can easily install skylights or fans under these patio structures which is again a plus side.


Louvered roof system

These patio roofs are made from durable quality louvers that last really long compared to plastic and fabric patio covers.  Secondly, the louvered style integrates with any architectural style so there is no added cost of renovation if you go with this option.

These louvers are the most affordable option to create an ultimate outdoor space. Find a specialist in Austin patio covers and you can get these motorized and remote control operated louvers that go from open to fully closed with a click of a button. Moreover, the motor that rotates these louvers is solar powered which is a renewable and affordable energy option.


Retractable awnings

Another affordable shading option for decks and patios is the retractable awning made from acrylic fabric. These beautifully designed covers can be installed easily on roofs, walls or soffits. When not required the awnings can be stored easily either with a hand crank or a motor.

The convenient storing option in these awnings offers the benefit of durability and cost efficiency. These awnings are backed with an aluminum extrusion that is rust-free and offers value for money performance.


Final words

Plastic and fabric might sound like cheaper options but they are not cost-efficient in the long run. Look at the bigger picture and invest in a maintenance free and durable product. The above listed patio cover options are the most affordable and durable methods. If interested, you can get a free estimate for any of these at Bluebonnet Patio Covers. They are the leading patio cover contractors in the industry.